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Sinotruk Oil Pump And Pipeline Components
Sinotruk Oil Pump And Pipeline Components
Sinotruk Clutch Control Component
Sinotruk Clutch Control Component

Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved)

  • The Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved) is a comprehensive system designed for efficient and reliable operation. It consists of various components, including:
  •  Pneumatic Valve Paper Pad: This pad ensures a smooth and tight seal, preventing any leakage or loss of pressure within the system.
  •  Locking Pins: These pins securely fasten the valve assembly in place, ensuring stability and preventing any unintended movement.
  • Spring: The spring provides the necessary force to operate the valve, allowing for precise control and quick response.
  •  Bushing: The bushing acts as a protective sleeve, reducing friction and wear on the valve assembly over time.
Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved)
Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved)

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved)

  •  O-ring 26500170 GB3452.1: This specialized O-ring ensures proper sealing and prevents any leakage, even under high pressure conditions.
  •  Straight (NPT 1/8-4X2): This straight fitting facilitates easy installation and connection within the pneumatic pipeline system.
  •  Pneumatically Operated Lock Valve Assembly: This assembly enables the automatic control and regulation of fluid flow, ensuring smooth operation.
  •  Double H Valve Liner: The double H valve liner enhances the sealing performance, allowing for reliable and efficient operation.
  •  Double H Valve Assembly: This assembly consists of interconnected valves that collectively control the flow and pressure within the pneumatic system.
  •  Seal Gasket: The seal gasket provides an additional layer of protection, enhancing the sealing performance of the valve assembly.
  •  Hollow Bolt: The hollow bolt facilitates proper installation and connection of the valve assembly, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
  •  Hexagon Socket Cheese Head Screws: These screws are used to fasten and secure the valve assembly components, ensuring stability and durability.
  •  Spring Washers: The spring washers add additional tension and pressure, ensuring a secure and tight fit of the valve assembly components.
  •  Range Block Forming Hose Assembly (High Gear): This hose assembly is specifically designed for high gear applications, ensuring efficient fluid flow and control.
  • Range Block Forming Hose Assembly (Low Gear): This hose assembly is designed for low gear applications, providing optimal fluid flow and control at lower speeds.
  • With its innovative design and high-quality components, the Sinotruk Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved) guarantees reliable performance and precise control in various pneumatic applications.
Pneumatic Pipeline Valve Assembly (Improved)
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1WG2229250140Pneumatic valve paper pad1
2AZ2229250015Locking Pins1
5AZ9003071700O-ring 26500170 GB3452.11
6AZ2229250006Straight(NPT 1/8-4X2)1
7AZ2203250010Pneumatically operated lock valve assembly1
8WG2229250138Double H valve liner1
9AZ2203250003Double H valve assembly1
10AZ9004130014Seal Gasket8
11190003962621Hollow bolt4
12AZ9003820882Hexagon socket cheese head screws4
13Q40308Spring washers4
14AZ2203250019Range block forming hose assembly (high gear)1
15AZ2203250018Range block forming hose assembly (low gear)1
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