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Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly

Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly

  • The Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly is an essential component of the transmission system that ensures efficient power transfer in Sinotruk vehicles. This assembly consists of various high-quality parts, each serving a specific purpose.
  • Transmission Backshell: This sturdy backshell provides protection and support for the internal components of the sub box assembly.
  • Rolling Bearing 6020 GB/T276: Utilizing a high-quality rolling bearing, this component facilitates smooth rotations and reduces friction for improved performance.
  • Elastic Cylindrical Pin: This pin ensures proper alignment and connection between different parts of the assembly, enhancing the overall durability and functionality.
Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly
Sinotruk gear small cover assembly
Sinotruk Shift fork shaft assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly

  • Planetary Carrier Assembly: The planetary carrier assembly plays a vital role in distributing torque and power through the gears, enabling seamless gear shifting.

  • Hexagon Socket Cheese Head Screw M12X1.25: These specially designed screws secure the components in place, ensuring stability and preventing any loosening during operation.

  • Planetary Carrier (Front): This component houses the planetary gears, which are essential for transmitting power from the input to the output shaft.

  • Torque Transmission Sleeve: The torque transmission sleeve efficiently transfers torque from the input shaft to the output shaft, promoting smooth power delivery.

  • Output Shaft: Responsible for transferring power to the wheels, the output shaft is a critical element in the sub box assembly.

  • Sun Wheel Spacer (Front): Positioned between the sun wheel and the assembly, this spacer provides proper spacing and alignment for smooth gear engagement.

  • Sun Wheel and Bushing Assembly: Comprising the sun wheel and accompanying bushing, this assembly enables effective power transmission and rotation.

  • Spline Transition Bushing: This bushing facilitates the seamless transition of power between different spline components, ensuring efficient gear engagement.

  • Sun Wheel: The sun wheel is a central gear in the assembly, which receives input power and transfers it to the planetary gears.

  • Sun Wheel Spacer (Rear): Similar to the front spacer, this rear spacer maintains proper spacing and alignment for optimal gear performance.

  • Rolling Bearing 63/22 GB/T276: Another high-quality rolling bearing that supports smooth rotations and reduces friction, contributing to the overall efficiency.

  • Planetary Wheel Shaft: The planetary wheel shaft connects the planetary gears and enables their rotation, effectively distributing power within the assembly.

  • Roller Spacer: This spacer ensures proper spacing and alignment between the cylindrical rollers, promoting smooth operation and load distribution.

  • Cylindrical Roller 11X18Ⅲb GB4661: The cylindrical rollers are key components in the assembly, responsible for transmitting power and supporting load.

  • Planetary Wheel: The planetary wheels work in conjunction with the sun wheel and other components, aiding in torque distribution and gear engagement.

  • Planetary Wheel Spacer: This spacer ensures proper spacing and alignment of the planetary wheels, enhancing the overall functionality of the assembly.

  • Elastic Retaining Ring for Hole: With its elastic properties, this retaining ring secures components within the assembly, preventing any unintended displacement.

  • Hole with Flattened Steel Wire Retaining Ring: This specially designed hole features a flattened steel wire retaining ring to securely hold components in place during operation.

  • Rolling Bearing 61820 GB/T276: A high-quality rolling bearing used within the assembly to facilitate smooth rotations and reduce friction.

  • Inner Gear Ring: The inner gear ring is responsible for meshing with the planetary wheels, enabling effective power transmission and gear selection.

  • Gear Ring Holder: This component securely holds the inner gear ring in place, ensuring proper alignment and engagement with other gears.

  • With its precise construction and high-quality components, the Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly guarantees reliable and optimized performance, a key contributing factor to the overall efficiency and power of Sinotruk vehicles.
Range Gear Sub Box Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2220100008Transmission backshell1
2AZ9003326020Rolling bearing 6020 GB/T2761
3Q5280630Elastic cylindrical pin5
4Q5280430Elastic cylindrical pin5
5AZ2203100002Planetary carrier assembly1
5.1AZ9003821290Hexagon socket cheese head screw M12X1.255
5.2AZ2225100002Planetary carrier (front)1
5.3AZ2229100001Torque transmission sleeve5
5.4AZ2225100001Output shaft1
6AZ2229100005Sun wheel spacer (front)1
7AZ2203100131Sun wheel and bushing assembly1
7.1WG2210100062Spline transition bushing1
7.2AZ2210100001Sun wheel1
8AZ2229100006Sun wheel spacer (rear)1
9AZ9003326322Rolling bearing 63/22 GB/T2761
10AZ2212100001Planetary wheel shaft5
11AZ2229100007Roller spacer15
12AZ9003321118Cylindrical roller 11X18Ⅲb GB4661120
13AZ2210100004Planetary wheel5
14AZ2229100008Planetary wheel spacer10
15AZ9003991056Elastic retaining ring for hole1
16AZ9003991125Hole with flattened steel wire retaining ring1
17AZ9003321820Rolling bearing 61820 GB/T2761
18AZ2210100005Inner gear ring1
19WG2210100006Gear ring holder1
20WG2229100125Hole with flattened steel wire retaining ring1
21WG9003801045Flange face bolt Q18412409
23AZ2229100002Torque transmission sleeve9
24AZ2203100005Low gear taper hub assembly1
26AZ2210100109Range gear synchronizer ring2
27WG2210100007Range gear synchronizing gear holder1
28AZ2229020003Inner spring of push block9
29AZ2229020002Push block outer spring9
30AZ2229020001Synchronous push block9
31AZ9003991130Shaft elastic retaining ring1
32WG2210100059Range gear synchronizing sleeve1
33WG2214100002Range fork shaft1
34AZ2214100001Range fork1
35AZ2229100022Fork pendulum2
36AZ2229100062Sub-box paper pad1
37AZ2203100006High-grade cone hub assembly1
38AZ2203100007Oil guide ring assembly1
39AZ2229100043Fork support pin2
40AZ9003990024Waveform elastic washer2
41AZ9003070800O-ring 18000800 GB3452.11
42WG2229100167Cover gasket1
43WG2229100141Output shaft rear end cover paper gasket1
44AZ9003326218Rolling bearing 6218 GB/T2761
45AZ2208100003Adjustment shim set1
45.1AZ2229100035Adjustment shim1
45.2AZ2229100036Adjustment shim1
45.3AZ2229100037Adjustment shim1
46AZ9003070800O-ring 18000800 GB3452.11
47AZ2229100061Lifting plate1
48WG2229100040Range stop piston O-ring2
49AZ9003071700O-ring 26500170 GB3452.11
50WG2229100039Range stop piston1
51WG2229230010Insert split block backshell bore seal2
52AZ9003870016Hexagonal nut M16×1.51
53WG2229100189Range block cylinder paper gasket1
54AZ2222100009Range block cylinder1
55Q1421065TJCombination glue coated bolt Q14210654
57/60Q1421050Hexagon head bolt and spring washer combination16
58/60Q1421058Hexagon head bolts and spring washers combination2
59/60Q1421060Hexagon head bolts and spring washers combination6
61WG2210100174Sensor gear ring1
62AZ2222100023Output shaft rear end cover (double oil seal)1
63/64AZ9003801055Combination rubber coated bolt Q14210557
65AZ9003801056Gluing bolt Q170B10551
66WG9003071105Combined skeleton oil seal (inner oil seal, outer oil seal)1
67AZ2210100077Output flange Φ180 end face tooth1
68WG9003345138Rolling pin P5×13.8 GB3091
69AZ2229100011Fixing nut1
70AZ9003073150O-ring 35503150 GB3452.11
72AZ2229100072pressure plate1
74AZ2229100074Locking piece1
75Q1400820Hexagonal head bolts1
77AZ2229210019Range gear lock spring1
78AZ2203100012Spring locating pin assembly1
79AZ2229100056Lock plate pivot pin1
80AZ2229100175Lock plate spacer1
81Q150B1025Hexagonal head bolts5
82AZ2229100052Lock plate pressure plate (small)1
83AZ2229100054Press plate spacer5
84AZ2229100174Locking plate pressure plate (large)1
85AZ2229100173Main and sub box interlocking plate1
 gear small cover assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2222210038Small cap housing (10 gears, double lever)1
2Q72220Bowl-shaped plug piece1
3AZ2229210036Positioning guide sleeve2
4WG2229210145Small cap paper gasket1
5Q1421085TJHexagon head bolts and washers2
Q1421090TJHexagonal head bolt and washer assembly2
6AZ2229210333Self-locking spring1
7AZ2229210011Spring stopper1
8AZ9003343178Needle roller P3×17.8 GB3091
9WG2203210190Self-locking pin assembly1
11AZ2229210012Drive pin1
12AZ2212210007Shift shaft (double lever)1
13WG2229210351Fan-shaped self-locking block1
14AZ2229210014Sensor drive ring1
15Q5280632Elastic cylindrical pin1
16Q340B10T13F2I-type hexagonal nuts1
17Q41810Corrugated elastic washer1
18AZ2214210004Rocker arm1
19Q150B1040TF2Hexagonal head bolts1
20AZ2229210026Dust Cover1
21AZ9003072502End cap outer oil seal1
22AZ9003072501End cap inner oil seal1
23AZ2229002520Composite bushing SF2 25×28×201
24AZ2222210069Small cover end cap1
25Q1420825Hexagonal head bolt and spring washer assembly2
26DC10S150-402Double-headed bolt2
27Q40308Spring washers2
28Q340B08Hexagonal nut2
29WG2229210143End cap gasket1
30AZ2229210041Support rod assembly1
31AZ2229270003Support shaft for gear selection1
32Q43112Elastic retaining ring for shaft1
33AZ2229210040Gear selector rod assembly1
34AZ2214210103Shift head1
36AZ2214210010Interlocking fork1
37AZ2229002520Composite bushing SF2 25×28×201
38AZ2229210003Centering spring (high grade side)1
39AZ2229210007Centering seat ring2
40Q43120Elastic retaining ring for shaft1
41Q1420820Hexagon head bolt and spring washer assembly4
42AZ2229210034Small cover end cap1
43WG2229210146Small cover end cap paper gasket1
44AZ2229210029Spacer ring1
45Q901Normally open vent plug1
Shift fork shaft assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2203220101Reverse crawl gear fork shaft assembly1
1.3AZ2212220201Reverse crawl gear fork shaft1
1.4AZ2214220002Reverse gear paddle1
2AZ2203220010First and second gear fork shaft assembly1
2.3AZ2212220102First and second gear fork shaft1
2.5AZ2214220004Forward gear paddle1
3AZ2203220103Third and fourth gear fork shaft assembly1
3.1AZ2214220003Forward gear paddle1
3.5AZ2212220103Third and fourth gear fork shaft1
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