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Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly

Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device

  • The Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device is a highly sophisticated system designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your truck.
  • Composed of several key components, this system is built to last and withstand rigorous use.
  • The Main Reducer Housing Assembly is the backbone of this device and is responsible for housing and supporting the core components.
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Rear axle housing

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device

  • The Main Reducer Housing is a crucial component that houses the differential and reduces the torque from the drive shaft.
  • The Differential Bearing Cover serves to prevent dust and debris from entering the device and ensures that the differential runs smoothly.
  • The Garden Pillar Pin is an essential component that ensures the correct positioning of the components, while the Double-Ended Studs and Self-Locking Nut work together to secure the components in place.
  • The Bearing Seat is designed to hold the tapered roller bearing 32216 GB/T297-94 securely.
  • Adjustment Shims (0.1, 0.15, 0.4, and 1 thick) are provided to ensure that the components are correctly aligned and functioning optimally.
  • The Hexagonal Head Bolt is used to fasten components together securely.
  • The Seal Ring serves as a barrier to prevent the leakage of oil and other fluids. The Differential Housing is another important component that works in conjunction with the Main Reducer Housing to reduce the torque from the drive shaft.
  • The Cross Shaft, Half-Shaft Gear, Planetary Gears, Planetary Gear Shims, Adjustment Shims, Bushing, and Bushing Retainer work together to transfer power from the drive shaft to the wheels.
  • Finally, the Hexagon Head Bolts and Differential Bearing Adjusting Nut ensure that all components remain securely fastened together.
  • With its robust design and high-quality components, the Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device is an essential component of your truck, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Rear axle drive device
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1WG7121325098Main Reducer Housing Assembly (Rear Axle)1
1.1AZ7121325097Main Reducer Housing (rear axle)1
1.21.99012E+11Differential bearing cover2
1.3Q5210820Garden pillar pin4
1.4Q12316120Double-ended studs4
1.51.90004E+11Self-locking nut4
2WG9012320103Bearing seat1
3WG9012320173Adjustment shim (0.1 thick)1
4WG9012320174Adjustment shim (0.15 thick)1
5WG9012320175Adjustment shim (0.4 thick)1
6WG9012320176Adjustment shim(1 thick)1
7Q150B1230TF2Hexagonal head bolt12
8WG9012320133Seal ring1
9WG7121325273Differential housing1
101.90003E+11Tapered roller bearing 32216 GB/T297-942
11AZ9231320150Cross shaft1
12WG9231320151Half-shaft gear2
13WG9231320152Planetary gears4
14WG9231320153Planetary gear shims4
15WG9231320154Adjustment shims1
16WG9231320155Adjustment shims1
17WG9231320156Adjustment shims1
18WG9231320157Adjustment shims1
19WG9231320158Adjustment shims1
21WG9231320160Bushing Retainer4
22WG9231320169Hexagon head bolts8
23WG3809320159Differential bearing adjusting nut2
24WG79000320027Stop tabs2
25ZQ150B0816Hexagon head bolts M82
26Q40308Spring washers2
27WG9231320913Bevel gear pay 28/171
28ZQ151B1635TF2Hexagonal head bolt M16*1.5*3516
29WG9114320003Locking piece-following bevel gear bolt1
301.90003E+11Tapered roller bearing 32315 GB/T297-941
311.90003E+11Tapered roller bearing 30312 GB/T297-941
32AZ7121320001Adjustment shim set1
32.1WG880  320002Adjustment shims1
32.2WG880  320003Adjustment shims1
32.3WG880  320004Adjustment shims1
32.4WG880  320005Adjustment shim1
32.5WG880  320006Adjustment shims1
32.6WG880  320007Adjustment shims1
32.7WG880  320008Adjustment shims1
32.8WG880  320009Adjustment shims1
32.9WG880  320010Adjustment shims1
32.1WG880  320011Adjustment shims1
32.11WG880  320012Adjustment shims1
32.12WG880  320013Adjustment shims1
32.13WG880  320014Adjustment shims1
32.14WG880  320015Adjustment gasket1
33810W35632-0001Cylinder bushings1
34810W35925-0018Seal Gasket1
35810W35619-0006Fork shaft1
36810W97602-0893Compression spring1
38MQ615114041922X30X0,5 fork adjusting spacer1
39MQ615114211922X30X1 fork adjusting spacer1
40MQ656331226934X3 B-NBR 3-70 Piston O-ring1
41712W35631-0010Cylinder head1
42MQ6032230608E B M8X 35-8.8-MAN183-B1 Cylinder head con3
43WG7121320132XSφ165 flange assembly1
43.1AZ7121320133XSφ165 flange1
43.21.79E+11Dust cover1
44WG79000320013Flange nut1
45Q5005055Cotter pin1
46WG9231320001Main reducing oil seal assembly1
47WG7121325155Fixed engagement sleeve1
48WG7121325046Thrust wire1
49WG7121325156Sliding engagement sleeve1
511.90004E+11Sign rivet–Rivet GB827-86-2.5*62
Rear axle housing
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ71213360656ZG rear axle housing assembly(wheelbase 11
2Q5211016Garden plunger pin1
3WG9003960024xagonal conical screw plug DIN906-M24X1.5-1
4WG9981330024 hexagonal cone screw plug assembly M24x1.1
5WG9231330105Ventilating plugs1
6WG9231330106Rubber hose1
7ZQ1851435T32F2Hexagonal flange face bolts M14*1.516
8ZQ1851480T32F2Hexagonal flange face bolt M14*1.52
9WG7129340743Rear axle thrust rod seat1
10ZQ151B2045TF2Hexagonal head bolt M20*1.5*456
11712W50710-0109Rear axle air chamber bracket1
12ZQ1811640TF6xagonal flange face bolts with teeth M16*14
13WG9231340014Lock nut(right)1
14WG9231340015Lock nut(left)1
15WG9231340017Lock nut(right)1
16WG9231340018Lock nut(left)1
17WG2297K6771Magnetic block2
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