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Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Front Suspension
Beiben Front Suspension
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Front Suspension
Beiben Front Suspension

Sinotruk Rear Suspension

  • The Sinotruk Rear Suspension system is designed to provide stability and smooth performance for the vehicle. It consists of various components that work together seamlessly. Here are the key components of the Sinotruk Rear Suspension:
  • Balance shaft with shaft housing assembly: This assembly helps maintain balance and stability during vehicle operation.
  • Guide plate: The guide plate directs the movement of the suspension components and ensures proper alignment.
  • Spring washer: The spring washer provides tension and prevents the bolts from loosening due to vibration.
  • Bolt GB/T 5783 M12×65: These bolts are used to secure certain suspension components in place.
  • Bolt GB/T 5783 M12×75: These bolts also play a crucial role in securely fastening specific suspension parts.
Sinotruk Rear Suspension

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Rear Suspension

  • Hexagonal flange face bolts with teeth M16*1.5: These specialized bolts with teeth provide extra grip and prevent loosening.

  • Hexagon socket countersunk head screws: These screws are used for a flush and secure fit in specific suspension applications.

  • Hexagon nuts type 2 M16*1.5: These nuts are used to fasten various components together.

  • Hexagon flange face nuts with teeth M16*1.5: These nuts with teeth provide enhanced grip and prevent loosening.

  • Hexagon flange face bolts with teeth M16*1.5: These bolts, similar to the previous ones, offer improved grip and stability.

  • Guide pin: The guide pin ensures proper alignment and movement of the suspension components.

  • Rear steel plate spring assembly (main sheet change material): This assembly, made from high-quality steel, provides support and flexibility for the rear suspension.

  • Rear spring riding bolt: The rear spring riding bolt secures the rear suspension assembly to the vehicle chassis.

  • Flange nut M24*3: This nut is used to fasten larger suspension components in place securely.

  • Leaf spring pressure block: The leaf spring pressure block helps distribute the load evenly across the suspension system.

  • V-type thrust rod assembly: This assembly helps control the movement and stability of the suspension during acceleration and braking.

  • Anti-loosening sleeve: The anti-loosening sleeve prevents bolts from coming loose due to vibration.

  • V-type thrust rod bolts: These bolts secure the V-type thrust rod assembly and ensure proper functionality.

  • Double-headed stud: The double-headed stud is used to fasten specific suspension components together.

  • Hexagonal flange face nut M18*1.5: This nut provides secure fastening in specific suspension applications.

  • Casting type thrust rod assembly: This assembly, made from cast iron, provides strength and durability for the suspension system.

  • Hexagon head bolts M20*1.5: These bolts are used to secure the casting type thrust rod assembly.

  • Hexagon head bolt M20*1.5: Similar to the previous bolt, this one provides a secure fit in the suspension system.

  • With these meticulously designed and precisely engineered components, the Sinotruk Rear Suspension offers reliable performance, stability, and comfort for smooth journeys.
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9925520310Balance shaft with shaft housing assembly2
2WG9725522250Guide plate4
3Q40312Spring washer16
4Q150B1265QBolt GB/T 5783 M12×658
5Q150B1275QBolt GB/T 5783 M12×758
6ZQ1811670TF6Hexagonal flange face bolts with teeth M16*1.524
7ZQ1811675TF6Hexagonal flange face bolts with teeth M16*1.52
8WG9925521007Hexagon socket countersunk head screws4
9WG9925521014Hexagon socket countersunk head screws8
10ZQ361B16T13F6Hexagon nuts type 2 M16*1.54
11ZQ32516T13F6Hexagon flange face nuts with teeth M16*1.534
12ZQ1811680TF6Hexagon flange face bolts with teeth M16*1.516
13ZQ32516T13F6Hexagon flange face nuts with teeth M16*1.516
14WG9000520006Guide pin4
15WG9725520789Rear steel plate spring assembly (main sheet change material)2
16AZ9925520268Rear spring riding bolt4
17AZ9125520268Rear spring riding bolt4
18ZQ32724T13F3Flange nut M24*316
19WG9925520366Leaf spring pressure block2
20AZ9725529272V-type thrust rod assembly2
21WG9725520367Anti-loosening sleeve8
22WG9725520114V-type thrust rod bolts8
23WG9725520231Double-headed stud8
24ZQ32318T13F6Hexagonal flange face nut M18*1.58
25AZ9631523175Casting type thrust rod assembly4
26ZQ151B20180TF6Hexagon head bolts M20*1.54
27ZQ151B20100TF6Hexagon head bolt M20*1.58
28ZQ361B20T13F6Type 2 hexagonal nut M20*1.512
29WG9725520726Limit bracket4
30WG9725520727Limit block assembly4
31ZQ151B1470Hexagon head bolts M14*1.512
32ZQ151B1460Hexagon head bolts M14*1.54
33ZQ361B14Type 2 hexagon nuts M14*1.516
34ZQ340B10Type 1 hexagonal nut M10*1.516
35AZ9725520683Rubber bearing assembly4
36WG9725520277Rear leaf spring left rear bracket2
37WG9725520279Rear leaf spring right rear bracket (symmetrical with the left part)2
38ZQ151B1430TF6Hexagonal head bolt M14*1.516
39WG9725520590Thrust rod front left bracket4
40ZQ151B22280TF6Hexagon head bolt M22*1.516
41ZQ361B22T13F6Type 2 hexagonal nut M22*1.516
42190003901905Garden pillar pin–pin GB119 A20*244
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