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Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Intake Damping Block Assembly
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension
Sinotruk Golden Prince 6 × 4 Front Suspension

Sinotruk Steering Bracket

  • The Sinotruk Steering Bracket is a crucial component in the steering system of the Sinotruk truck. This bracket holds various essential parts together to ensure proper steering functionality.
  • The bracket is secured in place using Hexagon Head Bolts (M14*1.5), which provide stability and strength. Additionally, Type 1 Hexagonal Nuts (M14*1.5) are used to fasten the bracket securely.
Sinotruk Steering Bracket

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Steering Bracket

  • The Sinotruk Steering Rocker Arm is connected to the bracket, allowing for smooth and controlled steering movements. Alongside this, the Power Steering system enhances the driver’s ability to maneuver the truck effortlessly.
  • To ensure safety, a Hexagonal Safety Bolt (M20X1.5X45) is included in the bracket assembly. This bolt provides additional support and prevents any potential steering hazards.
  • Oil circulation is vital in the steering system, facilitated by the Oil Inlet Steel Pipe and the Oil Return Steel Pipe Assembly (including a heat sink). These components allow for the efficient flow of steering oil to maintain smooth operation.
  • The bracket assembly includes a Hollow Bolt and a Combination Seal, which prevent leakage and secure the connection between the various components. The Oil Return Hose, accompanied by a Hose Clamp, ensures proper oil return from the steering system.
  • A robust Oil Tank Bracket Assembly, secured by Hexagon Head Bolts (M10) and Type 1 Hexagonal Nuts (M10*1.5), securely holds the Steering Oil Tank in place. This tank stores the steering fluid required for optimal steering performance.
  • The Forming Hose connects various parts, enabling the smooth transfer of oil within the steering system. The Steering Vane Pump plays a pivotal role in generating hydraulic pressure to assist in steering maneuverability.
  • To maintain the components’ alignment, a Spring Retainer, Ring Joint, and Hollow Bolt are employed. Sealing Washers are used to prevent any oil leakage and maintain the integrity of the system.
  • In summary, the Sinotruk Steering Bracket is a crucial assembly that combines various components, such as bolts, nuts, rocker arms, oil pipes, hoses, and the oil tank, to create a seamless steering system. Each part plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and effortless steering control for the Sinotruk truck.
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1WG9131470040Steering bracket1
 ZQ151B1445TF2Hexagon head bolts M14*1.53
 ZQ151B1465Hexagon head bolts M14*1.54
 ZQ151B1480Hexagon head bolts M14*1.54
 ZQ341B14Type 1 hexagonal nut M14*1.57
2FG9831471013Steering rocker arm1
3WG9625478228Power steering1
Hexagonal safety bolt M20X1,5X 454
4WG9325477015Oil inlet steel pipe1
5WG9325477016Oil return steel pipe assembly (with heat sink)1
6WG9725470816Hollow bolt2
 T071800Combination seal4
7LG9704470745Oil return hose1
 190003989336Hose Clamp2
8WG9325470040Oil tank bracket assembly1
 ZQ150B1030Hexagon head bolt M102
 ZQ340B10Type 1 hexagonal nut M10*1.52
9WG9725470060Steering oil tank1
 ZQ150B1020Hexagon head bolt M104
 ZQ340B10Type 1 hexagonal nut M10*1.54
10WG9100470082Forming hose1
11WG9125471016Steering vane pump1
 WG9725470187Spring retainer1
12WG9100470076Ring joint1
 190003962651Hollow bolt1
 190003098031Sealing washers1
13WG9160230092Straight fitting1
 T071800Sealing washers1
14WG9100470107High pressure hose1
 Q150B1230Hexagon head bolts3
 Q40212Large washers3
 Q40312Spring washers3
 Q340B12Ⅰ type hexagonal head nut3
16WG9000365401Single pipe clamp(φ15)3
 ZQ150B0620Hexagon head bolt M63
 ZQ340B06Type 1 hexagonal nut M63
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