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Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

What is Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2?

  1. One of the key features of the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is its reliable and advanced engine. It is equipped with a powerful 4-stroke diesel engine that is designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency. This engine ensures that the truck can easily haul heavy loads over long distances, making it an ideal choice for businesses involved in long-haul transportation.
  2. Another important feature of the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is its spacious and comfortable cabin. It is designed with the driver’s comfort in mind and comes equipped with modern features, such as air conditioning, a comfortable seat, and easy-to-use controls. This ensures that the driver can remain alert and focused, even during long journeys.

Product Parameter of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

  1. The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is built with durable and high-quality materials. Its sturdy frame, reinforced suspension, and robust axles ensure maximum durability and reliability, even in the most challenging terrains. This makes it ideal for industries such as mining, where heavy loads are transported over rough and uneven terrain.
  2. The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is equipped with advanced safety features that ensure maximum safety for the driver and cargo. This includes features such as air brakes, anti-lock braking systems, and electronic stability control. These features ensure that the truck can safely and efficiently transport goods and materials over long distances.
  3. Overall, the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is a powerful and reliable truck that is well-suited for a variety of industries and applications. Its advanced features, durable construction, and focus on driver safety and comfort make it a popular choice for businesses involved in long-haul transportation and heavy-duty tasks.
Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2
Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2
Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2
Sinotruk Howo
Chassis Model
ZZ4187M3511V/L0VA-1 , ZZ4187M3511V/M0VA-1 , ZZ4187M3511W/L0WA-1
Sinotruk Howo
Driving Type
4×2 ,6 Wheels, 2 Axles
Sinotruk Howo
HW76-HOWO Extended cabin. Basic configuration is with single sleeper; new type seat; adjustable steering wheel from up and down,
front and rear ; new type integral warm air heater with European style; the German VDO instrument which synchronized with the
world high level heavy duty truck; road vehicles is with four point floating suspension (front spiral spring, rear air spring)
with shock absorbers, off road vehicles is with four point floating spring suspension + shock absorbers, each type of cabin is
with transverse stabilizing device, double lock safety belt; external sunshade; fourth generation air conditioning, air
conditioning control board is liquid crystal display with LED lighting; with cruise; with sound warning system for abnormal
generator voltage (to prevent damage of electronic devices); electric windows.
Sinotruk Howo
Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Engine model: WD615.87, 290HP ;WD615.62,266HP;
Emission :Euro 2
6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and intercooling
Displacement: 9.726 L
HW19710, 10F & 2R
Z F power steering, modol Z F8118, hydraulic steering with power assitance
Front Axle
HF7,1×7000 KGS
Steering with doubleT-cross section beam
Rear Axle
ST16, 1×16000 KGS
Pressed axle housing, central single reduction with hub reduction,with
differential locks between wheels and axles.
Propeller Shaft
Double universal joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped coupling flange
Frame: Uprofile parallel ladder frame with section of 300x80x8mm,
reinforced subframe all cold riveted cross members
Front suspension:10 semi elliptic leaf spring, hydraulic telescopic
double-action shock absorbers and stabilizer
Rear suspension:12 leaf semi elliptic springs, bogie spring and stabilizer
Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air
operating on front shaft and rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake
Operating voltage: 24 V, negative grounded
Starter: 24 V, 5.4 Kw
Alternator: 3-phase, 28 V, 1500 W
Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 135 Ah
Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and
reverse light
Fuel Tank
Vehicle Size

product Details of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

  1. The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is a powerful and reliable vehicle that is built to excel in any transportation task. Under the hood, it features the potent WD615.47 engine, known for its excellent fuel economy and torque. Matched with the engine is the HW19710 transmission, a smooth-shifting gearbox that ensures effortless operation and long-term durability.
  2. This truck also boasts a large 600L aluminum alloy fuel tank, providing an extended range between refuels. The rear axles MCY12 further enhance the truck’s performance, ensuring maximum traction and stability. To complete the package, the truck comes with 315/80R22.5 tires that offer excellent grip and handling, even on the toughest terrain.
  3. Meanwhile, the front axle of this truck is a VGD model, designed for superior load-bearing capacity and robustness. Whether you are transporting heavy loads or navigating challenging road conditions, the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 delivers optimal performance and reliability.
  4. All in all, this vehicle is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking a dependable and efficient truck that can handle a variety of tasks. Its dynamic features and exceptional performance make it a popular choice for professionals in the transportation industry.

Production Process of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

  1. The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is a high-quality vehicle that is built using an advanced and meticulous production process. The process begins with the selection of the best materials, including top-grade steel for the frame and high-performance components for the engine and transmission.
  2. Once the materials are selected, the manufacturing process begins. Skilled technicians carefully weld and assemble the various components, ensuring that every part is perfectly positioned for optimal performance and durability. Next, the chassis undergoes a comprehensive rust-proofing and painting process, designed to protect against corrosion, rust, and weathering.
  3. After the chassis is painted, the engine and transmission are installed, and the cabin and fuel tank are attached. Each component is rigorously tested for quality and performance before final assembly. Upon completion, the finished vehicle undergoes a series of comprehensive inspections, including road tests and safety checks, to ensure that it meets or exceeds all industry standards.
  4. The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is a testament to the superior craftsmanship and dedication to excellence that characterizes the manufacturing process at Sinotruk. From the selection of the finest materials to the rigorous quality control checks, every step of the process is designed to create a vehicle that can deliver outstanding performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  5. Overall, the production process used by Sinotruk for the Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is focused on precision, quality, and durability. By adhering to strict standards and using the latest technology and materials, Sinotruk creates a vehicle that can stand up to the demands of any transportation task with ease.

Shipping Methods of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

The Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is a reliable and versatile vehicle that can be shipped using a variety of methods. When it comes to transportation of this vehicle, you have three main options – Ro-Ro, Frame & Container or Bulk Shipping.

By Ro-Ro

Ro-Ro stands for “Roll-On/Roll-Off”, which is a popular shipping method for large vehicles like the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2. In this method, the truck is driven onto a specialized transport vessel, secured in place, and then transported to the final destination. This method is fast, efficient and ideal for transporting a single vehicle or a small number of vehicles.

By Frame & Container

In this method, the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is loaded onto a trailer with a flatbed and then placed inside a shipping container. The container is then transported by a freight liner, and the truck is delivered to the final destination. This method is convenient because one container can transport multiple vehicles, which can result in lower shipping costs.

By Bulk

In the bulk shipping method, the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 is loaded directly onto an open cargo vessel and then transported to the final destination. This method is ideal for transporting large quantities of vehicles and is often used for bulk orders. However, this method is not as secure as the other methods, as the vehicles are exposed to weather and other external factors.


In conclusion, the Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 can be shipped by Ro-Ro, Frame & Container, or Bulk Shipping, depending on your specific shipping needs. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the method that is most suitable for your particular situation.

Success Stories of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2

Sinotruk Howo tractor trucks with 4X2 drive have become increasingly popular worldwide due to their reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at some success stories of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2 in different countries.

  1. In Ghana, Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2s have helped the agricultural sector increase efficiency and productivity. Farmers in Ghana have used these sturdy trucks to transport crops, produce, and livestock, improving their ability to reach new markets and increase profits. Due to their fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, these trucks have become a critical component of Ghana’s agricultural supply chain.
  2. In Mozambique, Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2s have enabled businesses and industries to succeed in developing the country’s infrastructure. Construction companies have relied on Howo 4X2s for the transport of heavy equipment and supplies to remote locations. With superior handling and a powerful engine, they are perfect for navigating tough terrain and narrow roads with ease.
  3. In Zambia, Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2s have helped businesses meet the demands of their customers by improving logistics and transportation. The trucks’ reliable and durable engines have made it easier for them to transport raw materials and finished products across the country. This has helped to lower costs and increase profitability of businesses in the region.
  4. In the Philippines, Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2s have become a favorite among shipping and logistics companies. Their spacious trailers and powerful engines have enabled businesses to haul more cargo, increasing efficiency, and profits. Many businesses have reported lower operating costs due to the trucks’ superior fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  5. Finally, in Pakistan, Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck 4X2s have become the backbone of the logistics industry. These trucks are famous for their ability to handle heavy loads with ease, making them the ideal choice for transporting goods across long distances. Businesses in Pakistan have taken advantage of the trucks’ high fuel efficiency and low operating costs, making them an essential part of their fleet.
  6. In conclusion, Sinotruk Howo tractor truck 4X2s have become indispensable to various industries in multiple countries. They truly reflect the durability, reliability, and performance of Chinese manufacturing. Whether in the agricultural, logistics, or infrastructure sector, these trucks have helped businesses to thrive and grow.
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