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What Is Sinotruk’s Manufacturing Hard Power?

  • At the present stage, promoting the regional brand construction of “Good Product Shandong” has become an important measure for Shandong to deeply implement the strategy of strong quality province and brand.
  • This year’s Shandong Provincial government work report put forward the requirements of “promoting the construction of quality power, promote the industry to the high-end”, the directivity of the policy is becoming the “vane” of constantly consolidating the brand construction of Shandong.
  • It is worth noting that Shandong is becoming the forefront of Shandong in enhancing economic and social development innovation and vivid practice. To represent the industry to stand out from the first batch of “Good Products Shandong” selection is the affirmation of Sinotruk’s manafufacturing achievements in innovation leadership and brand leadership.


In recent years, Sinotruk is taking the responsibility of high-quality development of equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong province, and striving to build a world-class full series of commercial vehicle group. From its development, it can be seen that “innovation” has become the foundation of building “good products”.

Play the heavy duty vehicle manufacturing field of the “strongest voice”

  • As we all know, the brand upward development is not overnight work. Sinotruk’s brand attack has been on for nearly 92 years.
  • China Heavy truck Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1930, is the cradle of China’s heavy truck industry. In the ten years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, despite the lack of technology, equipment and experience, the senior workers spent 40 days drawing hundreds of sketches and tapping thousands of auto parts with simple tools and exquisite handwork.
  • On April 15,1960, Sinotruk successfully developed China’s first heavy truck —— Yellow River brand JN 1508-ton truck, ending the history of China can not produce heavy vehicles, but also opened the prelude to the development of China’s heavy truck industry. And the Yellow River car carries the memory of a generation, but also gives Sinotruk the development conditions to take the road of good brand.
  • In 1983, Sinotruk successfully introduced Austria Steyr heavy vehicle project, which is the first enterprise in China to fully introduce foreign heavy vehicle manufacturing technology. In the following 20 years, “Steyr” has become a synonym for heavy truck in China.
  • Today, sinotruk has become the Yellow River, Shantou, hao, and other full series of commercial car brand, is our heavy truck industry drive form and power covers the most complete heavy card enterprise, also emerged the global production heavy truck lowest stroke resistance coefficient of a new generation of “Yellow River” heavy card, domestic first with complete intellectual property rights of snow wax a number of scientific and technological achievements, has been awarded the “China outstanding innovative enterprise” “China quality integrity enterprise” and other honorary titles.
  • The development of Sinotruk is the epitome of the development of national automobile brands, which has witnessed the development of national automobile brands from small to large, from weak to strong. Sinotruk has always been in the beginning, development and reform of the domestic commercial vehicle industry, leading the charge with a leading attitude. Now, Sinotruk is striving to create products with international competitiveness, giving full play to the advantages of overseas market, exporting products to more than 110 countries and regions, ranking the first in the domestic heavy truck industry for 17 consecutive years, accounting for more than 50% of the domestic heavy truck export.

Innovation provides a “power source” for the high-quality development of enterprises

  • Innovation is becoming increasingly important as China’s economy shifts to a stage of high-quality development.
  • Only by enhancing our capacity for independent innovation and making breakthroughs in key and core technologies can we keep the initiative in innovation and development firmly in our own hands.
  • With the opening of a new round of technology enabling development stage, Chinese brands and Chinese automobile enterprises have ushered in new opportunities, which is also a period when Sinotruk has great potential.
  • Around to build a world-class full series of commercial vehicle group strategic positioning, sinotruk established from technology introduction to independent positive development of strategic transformation, to achieve technology lead as soon as possible, control the goal of high-end commercial vehicle core competitiveness, sinotruk continuously strengthen independent positive research and development ability construction, with the first batch of national enterprise technology center, national heavy vehicle engineering technology research center, national heavy vehicle quality supervision and inspection center.
  • In order to meet the key link between technological innovation and market demand, Sinotruk chose to force market-oriented product innovation and development, and let the product research and development synchronize with market demand to launch products based to the feedback of front-line users, establish rapid response mechanism to continuously accelerate the introduction of new products, and segment 8 major industries and 23 scenarios to realize “private customization” of commercial vehicles, basically meeting the segmentation needs of users.
  • This is also the foundation of sinotruk manufacturing.
  • Nearly three years, sinotruk research and development personnel struggle, also for the sinotruk science and technology innovation fruits: on January 17,2020, sinotruk 25 unmanned electric card in Tianjin port successfully in the world for the first time, provides the world automation container terminal construction “China solution”, contribution to the “Chinese wisdom”.
  • In the same year, Howver TX and TH 7 products were listed successively after new technology development and upgrading. In 2021, Sinotruk continued to accelerate the launch of new products. Howver TH 7 Ben Win & New Quality Win, Howver light truck, new Howo N series and 2021 tractor products of the market and users, leading the new trend of demand side reform in the commercial vehicle industry.
  • As the persistence and persistence in scientific and technological innovation has blossomed, Sinotruk will actively take the lead and “card position” in the future world science and technology competition, win the initiative and create more first-mover advantages.
  • It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Sinotruk’s research and development achievements have also been reflected in major national projects and the fulfillment of more social responsibilities, realizing the “symbiotic benefit” of self-development and social development, and contributing to the strength of Sinotruk manufacturing in different fields.
  • Near the Beijing Winter Olympics, the General Administration of Sport of China proposed the development of intelligent snow wax vehicles with fully independent intellectual property rights. The project is undertaken by the Shandong Provincial government, and set up the joint research headquarters, put forward the goal of “China’s first, world-class, fully localization” of snow wax truck.
  • In order to ensure the completion of the development of the snow wax truck within 11 months, Sinotruk formulated a detailed development plan according to the inversion period. Finally, on September 26,2021, all the snow wax vehicles rolled off the production line and the commissioning was completed. In the whole development process, 81 patents were applied, including 24 invention patents.
  • This has become the best embodiment of Sinotruk’s independent research and development to support the technology and green Winter Olympics.


  • In addition, in terms of epidemic prevention and control, the mobile nucleic acid testing vehicle developed and manufactured by Zhongtong Bus, a subsidiary of Sinotruk Group, quickly rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, contributing sinotruk to the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control in various regions.
  • As a mobile medical facility, Zhongtong Bus P2 + level nucleic acid detection vehicle is equipped with a number of sophisticated and professional instruments, which can meet the sampling and testing needs at the same time. Due to the reduction of the transportation link of sampled samples, the test results can be produced in the fastest 2 hours, and the daily test volume of one vehicle can reach 100,000 people, which helps improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing and ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Sinotruk, which is running hard on the track of scientific and technological innovation, has seized the commanding heights of commercial automobile manufacturing with the sense of urgency and mission to build a domestic first-class industrial hard power with international influence.

We will create a sound environment for innovation and create a booster for innovation

  • Sustainable technology innovation ability is an important guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.
  • Standing at a new historical starting point, how to kechuang advantage into development advantage, promote the application of scientific and technological achievements, sinotruk is focusing on the scientific and technological innovation “key variables” into high quality development “maximum increment”, create conducive to scientific and technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the rapid application of new technology and iterative upgrade of the ecological environment.


  • Increasing R & d investment is also an important guarantee for enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability and enhance their core competitiveness. In order to achieve new breakthroughs in technology research and development, Sinotruk has invested 8 billion yuan in research and development in the past three years
  • Adequate research and development funds provide a strong guarantee for scientific and technological innovation. Sinotruk’s current research and development work focuses on new energy, lightweight, energy conservation and emission reduction, intelligence and other projects, aiming at the future development trend and goals of the commercial vehicle industry. The speed and quality of research and development have been greatly improved.
  • Innovation is ends. In order to make better use of market competition to stimulate innovation vitality, Sinotruk has implemented the system of “taking charge of the list”. At last year’s meeting, 116 science and technology projects in urgent need were presented. The implementation of this system has completely broken the previous “identity-only theory”, through the bidding process, who has the ability to take the list, to undertake specific scientific research projects.
  • By making clear the science and technology project development progress and the technical indicators, and form a complete set of rewards and punishments, evaluation system, sinotruk established a set of covering project screening, personnel matching, acceptance evaluation and market transformation and transparent, professional project management system, and according to the project difficulty, technology content delimit grade, the income gap, truly realize the “horse” marketization of science and technology innovation competition mechanism.
  • It is reported that for each project, Sinotruk manufacturing gave at least 10 million yuan to reward the research and development personnel, among which the quality improvement project reward was up to 20 million yuan, and the total project reward amount reached 150 million yuan. It is predicted that during the project, Sinotruk will double its research and development speed, and a number of core technologies that others can not learn or take away will emerge in one to three years.
  • In the historic convergence period of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and the transformation of China’s development mode, more and more enterprises like Sinotruk manufacturing need to stand the forefront of innovation and highlight social values, so as to help China to accelerate into the world’s forest of science and technology power.
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