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Sitrak Chassis Parts

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What Are The Sitrak Chassis?

Chassis Parts
  1. MAN’s MCY13 drive axle is a new generation of single reduction drive axle with SKF maintenance-free bearing units as standard. The brake pad gap is automatically adjusted without maintenance and the lubrication system is equipped with an oil filter. b10 life of 1 million km, high transmission efficiency, low noise and outstanding fuel saving. 
  2. The products are positioned to meet the needs of domestic customers for alternatives to imported heavy-duty trucks, and to fully meet the strict requirements of continuous and efficient operation of domestic quality logistics through trouble-free operation of top German quality. In the future, SITRAK will bring a win-win model of efficient and safe operation for domestic quality logistics customers.

What Are The Sitrak Chassis Vulnerable Spare Parts?

As the largest supplier of sitrak truck parts in China, We provide sitrak chassis parts mainly include:Bushing Fitting (199100680054),Left Brake Shoe Assembly (AZ9761451160),Right Brake Shoe Assembly (AZ7117451221),Rear Wheel Hub Assembly (812-35700-6130),Left Horizontal Tie Rod (AZ4075410061),Sensor Bracket Assembly (811W35440-5015),Wheel Hub Bearing Housing (DU2133140) (812W93420-6097),Top Right Of The Longitudinal Steering Rod (φ50) (AZ9700430050),etc.

Bushing Fitting
Left Brake Shoe Assembly AZ9761451160
Right Brake Shoe Assembly AZ7117451221
Rear Wheel Hub Assembly
Left Horizontal Tie Rod AZ4075410061
Sensor Bracket Assembly 811W35440-5015
Wheel Hub Bearing Housing (DU2133140) 812W93420-6097
Top Right Of The Longitudinal Steering Rod (φ50) AZ9700430050

Parameters of Sitrak Chassis Parts

Chassis Model ZZ5186XXYN711GE1
Chassis Type Special truck chassis
Drive Mode 4×2
Wheelbase 7100mm
Cab to Rear 9.6 m
Tire Size 295/80R22.5
Tire Nos 6
Oil Tank Volume 500L Aluminum
ABS Equipment

Price List of Sitrak Chassis Parts

Packaging Of Sitrak Chassis Parts

When it comes to the packaging of Sitrak chassis parts, there are two commonly used methods: wooden case packing and standard carton package. These packaging options ensure the safe and secure delivery of the chassis parts while protecting them from any potential damages during transportation.

  1. Wooden Case Packing:
    Wooden case packing is a robust and reliable packaging method for Sitrak chassis parts. The parts are carefully placed inside wooden cases, which are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling. The wooden cases are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent protection against impact, moisture, and other external factors that could potentially harm the parts. The parts are securely packed and fixed within the wooden cases to prevent any movement or shifting during transit. This packaging option is ideal for larger or heavier Sitrak chassis parts that require extra protection and support.
  2. Standard Carton Package:
    For smaller or lighter Sitrak chassis parts, a standard carton package is a common choice. The parts are neatly arranged and packed inside sturdy cartons, which are made from durable materials that can withstand the shipping process. The cartons are designed to provide adequate cushioning and protection for the parts, ensuring that they remain intact and undamaged during transit. Each part is carefully wrapped or separated within the carton to prevent any potential scratching or friction. This packaging method is cost-effective, easy to handle, and suitable for smaller or more delicate Sitrak chassis parts.

Shipping Methods Of Sitrak Chassis Parts

In the shipping of Sitrak chassis parts, there are several methods available to ensure reliable and prompt delivery. These methods include air transport, sea transport, express delivery, and truck transportation. By offering a range of shipping options, Sitrak can meet the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

  1. Air Transport:
    Air transport is a fast and efficient shipping method for Sitrak chassis parts. It involves using cargo planes to transport the parts from one location to another. This method is ideal for urgent shipments or when time is of the essence. Air transport provides quick delivery times, reducing waiting times and enabling customers to receive their chassis parts promptly. Additionally, this method is particularly suitable for international shipments, allowing Sitrak to reach customers worldwide in a timely manner.
  2. Sea Transport:
    Sea transport is a reliable and cost-effective shipping method for Sitrak chassis parts, especially for bulk orders or larger quantities of parts. This method involves transporting the parts in containers via cargo ships. Although sea transport generally has longer transit times compared to air transport, it offers advantages such as cost savings and the ability to handle large volumes of parts. Sea transport is commonly used for regular supply chain operations where delivery time is less critical.
  3. Express Delivery:
    For customers who require expedited delivery within a short timeframe, express delivery services are available for shipping Sitrak chassis parts. This method utilizes a network of courier companies that specialize in time-sensitive shipments. Express delivery ensures swift transportation and often provides options for tracking the shipment’s progress. This shipping method is ideal for urgent orders or situations where time is a critical factor.
  4. Truck Transportation:
    Truck transportation is a flexible and versatile shipping method for Sitrak chassis parts, especially for domestic or regional deliveries. This method involves using trucks to transport the parts from the manufacturing facility or warehouse to the customer’s location. Truck transportation offers a reliable and cost-effective solution, particularly for shorter distances. It provides flexibility in terms of scheduling and allows for door-to-door delivery, reducing the need for additional handling or transfers.
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Express Delivery
Truck Transportation

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