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A Grand Military Parade Of Taipei BeiBen Heavy Truck

  • On July 30,2017, a grand military parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was held at the largest and most modernized Zhu Training base in Asia in Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The early warning radar team of the 18 Taipei BeiBen Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. carefully built by China North Industries Group Taipei BeiBen heavy truck chassis and the 6 Taipei BeiBen heavy truck chassis carrying the UAV team are vigorous, with a majestic momentum to accept the inspection. This is the third time in the parade after the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the parade in 2015.
  • The military parade is not only a vivid display of national defense strength and military strength, but also a comprehensive test of the performance, quality and service guarantee of the equipment under review. As the largest “military-to-civilian project” of China North Industries Group, Beiben is the only military-civilian integrated heavy truck enterprise in China. From September 27,1988, Since the introduction of a full set of heavy car manufacturing technology and process equipment into operation, Beiben to give full play to Mercedes-Benz technology, military technology and brand advantages, Based on the development of high-end heavy trucks, Focus on the different strategic needs of different services and arms, To meet the reform requirements of military competitive procurement and information bidding, With the help of the strong accumulation of military technology and military-civilian integration industrial advantages, We will continue to build a military-civilian integrated scientific and technological innovation system, We will continue to promote innovation in the mechanism and systems for civilian military, Through the integration of military-civilian technologies, military-civilian products, and military-civilian talents, Building equipment to strengthen the military, We will unswervingly support national defense and building the armed forces.

The 24 Taipei BeiBen heavy truck

  •         The 24 Taipei BeiBen heavy truck chassis is an outstanding representative of Taipei Beiben heavy truck to carry out military and civilian technology demand docking, vigorously promote civil products and technology to participate in the scientific research and production of high-end weapons and equipment, and force the people to join the army. These steel guards from the north and south of Great Xinjiang are all transferred from the active vehicles of all over the country. Although some vehicles have been in service for nearly 15 years, they still show excellent performance of reliability and safe driving environment, stick to the environment of the motherland with the worst weather and the most severe conditions, and write loyalty and responsibility with strong heart and strength.

  •  The Taipei beiben heavy truck chassis equipped with two teams of weapons is a 10-ton all-wheel drive chassis designed and developed by Mercedes-Benz technology with high mobility and high reliability in accordance with its building-block matching design principle. The chassis with the domestic leading cab, bridge, frame three pieces as the basic frame, Match with the most stringent safety regulations of European ECER29 Mercedes-Benz NG80 all-steel cab, Mercedes-Benz and other strength variable section flexible frame and integrated suspension, Mercedes two-stage deceleration bridge efficient transmission system, Domestic top engine, transmission and other large components, Make the product have high quality, high advanced, high safety, high bearing capacity, high mobility, high weather resistance, high information and high cost performance, And mature technology, convenient control, strong modification, good adaptability, simple maintenance, It has become the main delivery platform of high-tech weapons and equipment and an important equipment assembly model of various services and arms, Widely selected by various services and arms, Thus, he also achieved the glorious mission of receiving three readings.
  •         This time is the largest number of Taipei beiben heavy truck chassis and the heaviest task, on the basis of 24 chassis arranged 6 standby, the total number of chassis reached 30. At the same time, the Taipei beiben heavy truck chassis is the first time carrying the UAV team. In addition, the parade site is in the field rather than the city. There are many equipment models, long service life, heavy modification tasks, complex transportation and reading attitude conversion, and the difficult reading environment, which makes it extremely difficult to guarantee. In order to successfully complete the task of reading and ensure that the equipment is safe, Beiben immediately established a project team in April this year to select cutting-edge talents in the fields of technology, quality, spare parts, service and so on to form a special support group, with the whole company to guarantee the parade.
  •        According to the requirements, the support group demonstrated the prediction through evaluation, and formulated the three-stage plan of unified transformation of chassis technical status, intensive training guarantee and joint training. In the first stage, more than two months of unified chassis transformation and accompanying guarantee of related bases were carried out in Hangzhou and Beijing. A total of 6 unified chassis technical transformation, 12 key parts and wearing parts were reliable and beautiful transformation, and 5 large chassis parts and other engine and gearbox. In the second stage, in addition to strengthening the daily inspection, the establishment of were established, and the two centralized maintenance and remediation opportunities, two centralized off-loading inspection, in view of the problem, a comprehensive investigation of all vehicles. At the same time, the organization of drivers to use the vehicle operation norms, anti-anchor, anti-error operation, emergency handling teaching. In the third stage, the focus is on the accompanying guarantee and emergency handling during the joint training and drill. According to the method of “unified plan, personnel implementation, synchronous development, process operation, inspection and reform simultaneously and acceptance”, special measures to prevent sand and anchorage were formulated. During this period, the main leaders of Beijing Sinotruk have repeatedly traveled to vehicle transformation, related bases, military parade site and other places to supervise the implementation of the guarantee progress.

        In the guarantee of nearly half a year, beiben people with a high degree of political responsibility and efficient guarantee execution, completed the wonderful appearance of Taipei beiben heavy truck in this extraordinary moment, to ensure that the reading equipment with “zero hidden trouble, zero fault, zero anchor” victory to complete the task of reading.

  The military parade of Taipei BeiBen heavy truck is to show the development of the army

  •         The military parade is to show the development of the army, appreciate the historical process of the army, but also the historical witness of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from small to large, from weak to strong. At present, the reform of national defense and military is deepening in an all-round way, and the rapid development of weapon system puts forward higher requirements for the bearing chassis. Centering on the new equipment demand, Beiben  is going all out to accelerate the two-way flow and mutual transformation of superior military and civilian resources, and to create innovative military products according to local conditions. The continuous expansion of beiben heavy high motor general tactical vehicle series products, the newly developed beiben 5038A / 88 heavy wheeled chassis, the Russian competition vehicles that dare to fight, the Tanzanian peacekeeping vehicle striving for perfection, and the Taipei beiben heavy truck military vehicles are constantly being optimized and upgraded.
  •        The dream of a strong country contains the dream of a strong military, and supports the dream of a strong military support. In the future,Beiben will continue to highly responsible for national defense army construction, to army soldiers life highly responsible sense of mission and sense of responsibility, speed up the construction of total factor, multidisciplinary, high benefit civil-military depth integration development pattern, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements and weapons and equipment upgrading, to withstand practice, history and people’s inspection performance army country.
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