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Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box

Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly

The Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly consists of various components that contribute to its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The assembly includes:

Product Parameters of Shacman The Interior Trim Assembly

Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
  • The ditty-bag lid: This lid provides easy access to the storage compartment for smaller items.
  • The right side of the plate: This plate is located on the right side of the assembly and serves as a secure attachment point for other components.
  • Plastic buckle: The plastic buckle ensures firm and reliable fastening of different parts within the assembly.
  • Shake handshandle cover: The shake handshandle cover adds a touch of elegance to the interior trim assembly while providing a comfortable grip.
  • Pan-head screw: This screw is used to secure specific components, ensuring the stability of the interior assembly.
  • Shake handshandle: The shake handshandle is a convenient accessory that allows for easy opening and closing of various compartments.
  • Right horn hood: Positioned on the right side, the right horn hood provides protection and aesthetic enhancement to the assembly.
  • Side window guide: The side window guide ensures smooth operation and alignment of the window within the assembly.
  • Guide hook: This hook assists in securing and aligning components to maintain the integrity of the interior trim assembly.
  • Right angle plate: The right angle plate is an essential part of the assembly, providing stability and strength at specific angles.
  • The spring buckle: This buckle utilizes a spring mechanism to secure components, ensuring they remain in place during operation.
  • Fix angle iron: The fix angle iron offers structural support and stability to specific sections of the assembly.
  • Self-tapping screw: The self-tapping screw is used for attaching components, eliminating the need for pre-drilled holes.
  • Reed nut: The reed nut provides a threaded connection point for components, enhancing the overall assembly’s durability.
  • Top ditty-bag: The top ditty-bag offers additional storage space within the assembly, allowing for convenient organization of personal belongings.
  • Right top lining: The right top lining provides an attractive and functional covering for the interior trim assembly.
  • Plastic buckle: Similar to the earlier mentioned plastic buckle, this component ensures secure and hassle-free fastening.
  • Rail end cap: The rail end cap serves as a protective cover for the rail component, ensuring it remains intact and functional.
  • Rail smooth bead: This smooth bead enhances the visual appeal of the assembly, adding a refined finishing touch to the design.
  • Left horn hood: Analogous to the right horn hood, the left horn hood provides protection and an aesthetic element to the interior trim assembly.
  • Right triangle: The right triangle is a geometric component that provides structural support and stability at specific angles within the assembly.
  • Left cover: The left cover is precisely designed to fit the left side of the assembly, contributing to its overall polished appearance.
  • Left top lining: Similar in purpose to the right top lining, the left top lining covers and protects the assembly’s left side.
  • The side adornment: This component adds a decorative element to the assembly, enhancing its visual appeal and overall design.

The Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly features a comprehensive arrangement of components that ensure functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
1 DZ14251610111 The ditty-bag lid 2
2 DZ14251610082 The right side of plate 1
3 DZ14251610112 Plastic buckle 4
4 DZ14251610162 Shake handshandle cover 2
5 Q2300630 Pan-head screw 2
6 Q2300620 Pan-head screw 2
7 DZ14251610161 Shake handshandle 1
8 DZ14251610414 Right horn hood 1
9 DZ14251610131 Side window guid 2
10 DZ13241571424 Guid hook 14
11 DZ14251610412 Right angle plate 1
12 DZ14251610415 The spring buckle 8
13 DZ14251610083 Fix angle iron 4
14 Q2204213 self tapping screw 10
15 06.13129.0024 Reed nut 4
16 DZ14251610063 Top ditty-bag 2
17 DZ14251610062 Right top lining 1
18 Q2204219 Self tapping screw 4
19 DZ13241610246 Plastic buckle 16
20 DZ13241571422 Rail end cap 2
21 DZ13241571423 Rail smooth bead 34
22 Q2300616 Pan-head screw 4
23 DZ14251610413 Left horn hood 1
24 DZ14251610411 Right triangle 1
25 DZ14251610081 Left cover 1
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
26 DZ14251610061 Left top lining   1
27 DZ14251610013 The side adornment 1
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