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Auxiliary Support
Beiben Auxiliary Support
Throttle Pedal Assembly Module
Beiben Throttle Pedal Assembly Module

Beiben Throttle Cable Assembly Module

The Beiben Throttle Cable Assembly Module is a comprehensive system that enables precise control of the throttle in vehicles. It consists of several key components, including the Throttle Cable Assembly, Bracket, Hose Clamp, Screws, Washers, Nuts, Clamps, and Angle Iron.

Product Parameters of Beiben Throttle Cable Assembly Module

Throttle Cable Assembly Module
  • The Throttle Cable Assembly serves as the main link between the driver’s input and the engine’s throttle system. Crafted with high-quality materials, it ensures accurate and reliable transmission of acceleration commands.
  • The Bracket, designed for secure installation, firmly supports the Throttle Cable Assembly, guaranteeing its stability and proper functioning. It is engineered to fit seamlessly onto the vehicle’s structure.
  • To maintain a secure connection and prevent leaks, the Hose Clamp securely fastens the hoses within the assembly. Its design effectively seals the hoses and facilitates smooth fuel flow to the engine.
  • The Screws, Washers, and Nuts are essential fastening components that firmly secure the Throttle Cable Assembly Module in place. Engineered to withstand vibrations and external forces, these fasteners ensure the assembly remains robust and intact.
  • Clamps are integrated into the module to effectively secure the various cables and hoses. By preventing movement and potential interference, they contribute to the overall stability and performance of the throttle system.
  • The Nut, specifically designed for this module, provides a strong and reliable connection for the Throttle Cable Assembly. Its secure fastening ensures optimal functionality and safe acceleration.
  • Lastly, the Angle Iron reinforces the structure of the Throttle Cable Assembly Module, enhancing its durability and overall strength. This component serves to further stabilize the assembly, supporting its performance under different driving conditions.
  • In summary, the Beiben Throttle Cable Assembly Module consists of the Throttle Cable Assembly, Bracket, Hose Clamp, Screws, Washers, Nuts, Clamps, and Angle Iron. Together, these components work harmoniously to deliver precise throttle control, ensuring optimal vehicle performance and safety.
3004001-Throttle Cable Assembly Module
ID# Accessory Code Accessory Name Availability for sale Bicycle usage
1 506 300 03 30 Throttle Cable Assembly yes 1
2 500 428 00 40 Bracket yes 1
3 360 995 20 01 Hose Clamp yes 1
4 100818 006113 Screws yes 1
5 100096 006000 Washers yes 1
6 100093 006000 Washers yes 1
7 106170 006000 Nuts yes 1
8 916016 008200 Clamps yes 1
9 506 429 19 42 Bracket yes 1
10 916016 008200 Clamps yes 2
11 100818 006103 Screws yes 1
12 100096 006000 Washers yes 1
13 106184 006003 Nut yes 1
14 395 428 00 43 Angle iron yes 1
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