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Symptoms of a Bad Throw-Out Bearing

What is a bad throw-out bearing?

  • Throw-out bearing, which is one of the important components of the clutch of a truck. In other words, it provides action only when the driver presses the clutch pedal. The main working principle of it is that when the driver depresses the clutch pedal, the throw-out bearing, as the end part in the clutch linkage component, moves toward the flywheel for the purpose of overcoming the spring force movement of the pressure plate while pushing the release finger of the pressure plate, thus realizing the interaction between the static surface and the moving surface. Therefore, the main purpose of the existence of the throw-out bearing is to act as an interceptor between the engine and the transmission of the truck.


The importance of a throw-out bearing

  • The throw bearing looks very small, but it is a critical component for both the truck and the truck’s clutch. The release bearing separates the engine from the wheels when the driver depresses the clutch pedal, a function that provides safety for the driver. Comparatively, if the release bearing is faulty, then it will directly affect the operation of gear shifting, thus posing a potential safety hazard to the driver. Thus, it is just a small part of the clutch, but it has an importance that cannot be ignored.

Symptoms of a bad throw-out bearing

  • Since throw-out bearings are so important to trucks, how to check for damage to them is something truck drivers should be aware of. A damaged throw-out bearing can not only bring about a bad driving experience, but more importantly, it can put both the truck and the truck driver in a dangerous situation. And there are some problems that can be predicted and fixed in advance that can go a long way toward avoiding such risks. Here are some of the more common signs, and if you notice them in your truck, deal with them as soon as possible, as they will only become more obvious over time and affect driver safety.

Strange noise

  • Since the release bearing acts directly on the pressure plate of the clutch, if there is a problem with the release bearing, an abnormal sound is bound to occur when these two mismatched parts act together. Therefore, when the truck driver depresses the clutch pedal, there will be a harsh shaking sound, and the situation will be even worse when the clutch pedal is released. Therefore, if you hear a “whining” sound from the truck when you depress and release the clutch pedal, it is likely that there is a problem with the release bearing. And in the long run, not only will the driving experience become very annoying and bad for the truck driver, but the damage will also become more serious as the two mismatched parts wear out day by day. So when a strange noise occurs, it may be the throw-out bearing’s way of telling you that it needs to be checked or repaired.

Clutch pedal vibration

  • If you can feel a vibration from the foot pedal when you depress the clutch pedal, it is most likely caused by damage to the throw-out bearing. This vibration is caused by a broken throw-out bearing that does not work perfectly with the pressure plate or by damage inside the throw-out bearing, and the more severely the throw-out bearing is damaged, the more violent the vibration will be. Hence, when you can feel the pulse from the pedal when you press the clutch pedal, and the vibration disappears when you press the pedal completely, then the damaged throw-out bearing may affect the normal operation of the clutch, thus reducing the driving experience of the whole truck.


The clutch pedal is too hard

  • The clutch throw-out bearing, like all parts of the truck, is treated for lubrication performance when it is initially manufactured. Therefore, a properly functioning throw-out bearing allows the driver to depress the clutch pedal without any feeling of resistance. However, if the throw-out bearing ages and wears out over time, it will not be as smooth as it was in the beginning. A bad throw-out bearing makes the clutch harder to disengage, making it difficult for the truck driver to depress the clutch pedal. The more the throw-out bearing wears, the more pronounced this will become, and soon it will reach the point where the clutch cannot be released. And this is when the truck can’t be driven properly because it can’t be shifted at all. Therefore, at the early stage when the problem is found, that is, when the clutch feels stiff, you should send the truck to a regular repair shop for inspection and replacement.

Gear shifting problems

  • Those of you who are very used to daily truck driving should feel accustomed to a very smooth gear change process. But when you have problems changing gears while driving your truck, then it’s likely pointing to damage to your throw-out bearings. The clutch exists for the sole purpose of assisting the driver in shifting gears, but if its parts, in this case, the throw-out bearings, are faulty, then the shifting will be affected and cannot be done properly. This has led to many safety hazards during road driving, such as truck stalling, losing speed, and so on, which is undoubtedly a fatal problem on the road where traffic flows.


General Clutch Failure

  • For a damaged throw-out bearing, which is a vital part of the clutch, long-term indulgence may lead to overall damage to the clutch. If none of the symptoms described above are brought to your attention, then what awaits your truck will be the clutch being damaged as a whole. At this time you will not have any obstruction when you press the clutch pedal, because at this time it will not move your truck half a step anyway. And in this case, the cost of replacing or repairing the whole clutch can be a considerable amount compared to repairing a damaged throw-out bearing. Money aside, damage to the entire clutch and drive train can be a very scary situation for the safety of both the truck and the truck driver. That’s why damage to a small throw-out bearing is something that needs to be paid close attention to.


  • All in all, the throw-out bearing is a vital part of the clutch, and even though it is only the size of a doughnut we should always pay attention to it and check it more often. If your truck found any of the above five problems while driving, including strange noise, the vibration of the clutch pedal, too hard clutch pedal, shifting problem, or total clutch problem, then it may be caused by the damage of the throw-out bearing as a part, so please go to the regular repair shop for repair or replacement by professionals in time. Because if you insist on driving with a damaged throw-out bearing, it is not a small safety hazard for both the truck and the truck driver, and once it causes a traffic accident, the cost of loss is not comparable to replacing or repairing a damaged throw-out bearing.
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