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Beiben Traction Device

The Beiben Traction Device is a reliable and essential tool for vehicles needing an extra level of traction on challenging terrains. Designed for durability and performance, it consists of several key components that work together seamlessly to provide optimal results.

Product Parameters of Beiben Traction Device

Traction Device

At the core of the traction device is the traction seat, a robust and sturdy foundation that ensures a secure connection to the vehicle. The connecting plate reinforces the seat, enhancing stability and distributing the load evenly.

To prevent overextension and ensure safe operation, a limit block is incorporated into the traction device. This block acts as a stopper, controlling the amount of extension and keeping the device within safe limits.

Bolts, specifically the Bolt M16×1.5×55-10.9-Zn8D, along with corresponding nuts, the Nut M16×1.5-8-Zn8D, are used to secure the traction device to the vehicle. These high-quality fasteners offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance, providing a reliable and long-lasting connection.

The gasket included in the traction device acts as a sealing component, providing protection against dust and moisture. This ensures that the device remains in optimal working condition, even in challenging environments.

Additionally, the Bolt M16×1.5×70-10.9-Zn8D is utilized within the traction device for specific applications, providing further stability and reinforcing critical points.

In conclusion, the Beiben Traction Device is a durable and efficient solution for vehicles requiring extra traction on challenging terrains. Its sturdy components, such as the traction seat and connecting plate, offer a secure foundation. The limit block ensures safe operation, while the high-quality bolts and nuts guarantee a reliable connection. With the inclusion of a gasket for protection and the added reinforcement of the Bolt M16×1.5×70-10.9-Zn8D, this traction device is designed for exceptional performance and longevity. Choose the Beiben Traction Device for enhanced traction capability and peace of mind on tough terrains.

ID# Part Name English Part Number Quantity
1 TRACTION SEAT 500 370 03 08 1
2 CONNECTING PLATE 500 372 00 11 1
3 LIMIT BLOCK 500 372 00 01 4
4 LIMIT BLOCK 500 372 00 02 4
5 BOLT M16×1.5×55-10.9-Zn8D M 105786 016090 4
6 GASKET 500 372 00 03 4
7 NUT M16×1.5-8-Zn8D M 106184 016003 4
8 BOLT 500 372 00 10 4
9 GASKET 500 372 00 03 4
10 NUT M16×1.5-8-Zn8D M 106184 016003 4
11 BOLT 500 372 00 10 4
12 GASKET 500 372 00 03 4
13 NUT M16×1.5-8-Zn8D M 106184 016003 4
14 BOLT M16×1.5×55-10.9-Zn8D M 105786 016090 4
15 GASKET 500 372 00 03 4
16 NUT M16×1.5-8-Zn8D M 106184 016003 4
17 BOLT M16×1.5×70-10.9-Zn8D M 105786 016120 4
18 GASKET 500 372 00 03 4
19 NUT M16×1.5-8-Zn8D M 106184 016003 4
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