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The Principle Of Diesel Engine
What Should To Check Be Done Before Driving The Truck
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8 Truck Engine Maintenance Mistakes, Have You Been Hit?

  • The truck engine is like the human heart and plays an absolutely vital role in the truck. If little attention is paid to small germs, it often results in a loss of heart function, and this also applies to trucks. Many owners think that regular maintenance of their trucks is not a big problem, but subconsciously it affects the service life of the truck engine. Today, I will introduce several small problems that can easily cause hidden problems in the truck engine to the majority of truck owners, hoping that they will pay more attention when using and maintaining their trucks.


Irregular Maintenance Of Truck Engine

Regular truck engine maintenance is very important. Many professional repairers say that among the trucks they handle to repair, the failures caused by poor truck engine maintenance account for 50% of the total engine failures. It is clear that engine maintenance plays an important role in extending the life of the vehicle. Not only is engine maintenance carried out during the regular service period, but also when driving through particularly wet or dusty areas, the relevant parts of the engine should be serviced.

Deteriorated Engine Oil And Poor Oil Filter

  • Different grades of lubricants will change in the course of use. After a vehicle has been driven a certain number of miles, the performance deteriorates and may cause various problems for the truck engine.

  • As the oil passes through the fine pores of the oil filter, solid particles and sticky substances in the oil accumulate in the filter.

  • If the filter is clogged, the oil will not pass smoothly through the filter element, which will expand or open the safety valve and pass through the bypass valve, where dirt will be carried back to the lubrication section, leading to accelerated engine wear and increased internal contamination.

  • It is therefore equally important to change the oil filter regularly. Don’t reduce the oil, but don’t increase it too much. The more expensive the international brand name synthetic oil, the better (as global formulas are not necessarily suitable for Chinese models), the best oil for your truck.

Clogged Air Filter

  • The air intake system of a motor is mainly composed of the air filter and the air intake pipe. Depending on the usage, the air filter needs to be cleaned regularly. The air filter element is generally replaced with a new one after 3 cleanings. The cleaning cycle can be determined according to the air quality in the daily driving area. It is also important to buy genuine air filters from good-quality manufacturers.

The Air Intake Pipe Is Too Dirty

  • If the vehicle is often driven in dusty road conditions with poor air quality, care should be taken to clean the air intake ducts to ensure a smooth air intake. The intake ducts are very important for the normal operation of the truck engine. If the intake ducts are too dirty, efficiency will be reduced, resulting in the engine not running within its normal output range and increasing wear and tear on the engine.

  • Try to walk less in dusty areas and also pay attention to replacing the air conditioning compartment.

Too Much Oil Sludge In The Crankcase

  • In the truck engine in the process of operation, the combustion chamber of the high-pressure unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides through the piston ring and the gap between the cylinder wall into the crankcase, so that it is mixed with the metal powder generated by the wear of parts, the formation of sludge.

  • A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil, when a large amount of precipitation from the oil, blocking the filter and oil hole, causing engine lubrication difficulties, thus increasing engine wear. It is important to use good quality fuel and synthetic diesel lubricants to reduce sludge, so we recommend that you try to buy synthetic diesel lubricants and fuels suitable for your car through regular channels. In addition, please check the oil level of your car frequently and replenish it as soon as possible when it is insufficient.


Improper Maintenance Of The Fuel System

  • Fuel system maintenance includes replacing petrol filters, and cleaning carburetors or fuel nozzles and fuel supply pipes. Clear the fuel tank sediment regularly, clear the fuel filter sediment, properly maintain the air filter, fuel tank, and pipes, and use the truck engine non-disassembly cleaner when cleaning the engine fuel system, using the non-disassembly cleaner does not require disassembly of the fuel system, on the one hand, to play a thorough cleaning of the fuel system

Water Tank Rust, Scaling

  1. Engine water tank rust and scale is the most common problem. To avoid the generation of scale, we must pay attention to the choice of water tank coolant.
  2. Many car owners do not pay attention to the use and quality of coolant, usually added to the water tank is just ordinary water. The most common problems in the cooling system are rust, scale, and corrosion. The main reason for this is the lack of a good antifreeze.
  3. A good antifreeze not only has a low freezing point but also has various other functional additions that can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis and water scale, etc. Therefore, it is better to remind the majority of car owners to carefully choose a coolant that is beneficial to the water tank.

Poor Cooling System Condition

  • The most common failures of truck engines, such as piston pulling, burst vibration, cylinder punching internal leakage, the serious noise generated, acceleration power decline, etc., are caused by the abnormal working temperature of the truck engine, excessive pressure and poor cooling system conditions. Poor cooling system conditions can directly result in the truck engine not working at normal temperatures, which can lead to the serious failures mentioned above.
  • The traditional method of maintaining the cooling system is to drain the water from the tank and add antifreeze and water, but in this case there is a large amount of scale in the cooling system that cannot be drained, and the residual scale in the pump, water jacket and pipes cannot be discharged.
  • It is, therefore, necessary to regularly clean the water tank and the cooling system of rust and corrosion using a powerful and efficient tank cleaner, and then add the right amount of antifreeze and clean water. Only then can the engine work properly and the overall life of the water tank and engine be extended.
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