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Types of Sinotruk Howo Engine

The howo engine of Heavy Duty is mainly based on the Howo engine, including large truck engines, diesel truck engines and semi truck engines. These engines are available for replacement, such as mini truck engine swap, d21 engine replacement, k1500 engine swap, and s10 2.2 to 4.3 engine swap.

Truck Engine Parts
D10 Engine
D12 Engine
D12 Engine
Truck Engine Parts (3)
WP10 Engine
WT615 Engine
WT 615 Engine
Howo WD615 Engine
Howo WD615 Engine
Truck Engine Parts (2)
Howo A7 Engine
Howo 420 Engine
Howo 420 Engine
Howo 371 Engine
WT 615 Engine

What Are The HowoTruck Engine Parts?

A truck engine is made up of many truck engine parts. Only when each truck engine part is working properly, it can be the best truck engine for your truck. If you are interested in our truck engines, please feel free to contact us.

  • Engine block: The truck block is one of the important truck engine parts. It generally includes oil pumps, Water Pump Assembly(VG1500060051), etc. And is the brain of engines.
  • Truck Pistons(VG1560037011):The role of the piston is to seal, it can effectively prevent air leakage and prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber.Piston rings(VG1560030050
  • Piston pin(Vg1560030013): used to connect the piston and connecting rod assembly(161500030009)
  • Cylinder head(61560040040A): The cylinder head is one of the engine’s most important parts, and its close fit with the spark plug effectively prevents gas loss.The cylinder liner (VG1540010006)together with the piston and cylinder head form the combustion chamber.
  • Truck Valve:  The truck valve is one of the important truck engine parts. It contains the intake and exhaust valvesVG1560051001), which regulate the air in the cylinder head.
  • Truck Oil pan: 351w truck oil pan, 440 truck oil pan.It acts as a housing for the oil reservoir to prevent the ingress of contaminants.
  • Truck Fan: truck radiator fans, electric cooling fans. The airflow that the fan becomes can form part of the power.

What Are The Howo Truck Engine Accessories ?

  • Truck Heater: It contains a block heater for truck, a block heater for a diesel truck, semi truck block heater. They are heated and ignited by spark plugs, and the combustion heat is transmitted to the cold air through the heat exchanger, and then the hot air is released and recycled to the cabin to achieve the purpose of heating.
  • Truck Pump: It contains an ea4712001101 pump, truck power steering pump, lq4 power steering pump, and 3406b power steering pump. 
  • Truck Supercharger: truck turbocharger(VG1560118229), diesel truck turbo, 6.6 l8t supercharger.
  • truck oil cooler: It allows the medium to maintain a fixed working temperature by exchanging hot and cold press.Oil cooler coressy (VG1500010334)and oil cooler cover (VG1540010014A)are replaced most often in oil coolers.
  • Crankshaft oil seal: Contains Front oil seal (VG1047010038)and Rear oil seal(VG1047010050).
  • Flywheel Assembly:The Flywheel Assembly(AZ1500020220) is installed on the rear end flange of the engine crankshaft, and a flywheel gear ring (VG2600020208)is pressed on the outer edge of the flywheel

These are just some of our truck engine parts, if you have any questions or want to know more about our truck engine parts, please contact us.

Connecting Rod Tile
Main bearing VG1500010046
Main bearing
Starter VG1560090001
Air compressor VG1560130080A
Air compressor
fuel Injector Assembly VG1560080276
fuel Injector Assembly
Air FilterWG9725190102/103
Air Filter
Belt VG1560090066
Automatic tensioning wheel VG2600060313
Automatic tensioning wheel

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