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Heavy Duty Truck Gear

Types Of Heavy Duty Truck Gear

Heavy Duty Truck Lights
Sinotruk Heavy Duty Truck Gear
Heavy Duty Truck Lights
Sitrak Heavy Duty Truck Gear
Cargo Truck Price
Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Gear
FAW Heavy Duty Truck Gear

Hot Sales Products Of Sinotruk Heavy Duty Truck Gear

At our company, we offer a comprehensive selection of Sinotruk heavy-duty truck gears. Built to withstand the toughest working conditions, our gears are precision-engineered to deliver superior performance and durability. Whether you require gears for Sinotruk’s Howo or A7 series, we have you covered.

WG7129320130 AC16 Drive Cylindrical Gear
WG9981320107 AC16 Driven Cylindrical Gear
Small eight-speed drive wheel JS85T-1707030
Small eight speed reduction wheel JS85E-1707121
12JSD160T-1707106 gearbox reduction gear
Shaft Second Gear WG2210040416
AZ9981320040 AC16 axle shaft gear
WG9231320151 half-shaft gear
WG9231320227 AC16 planetary gear
WG9231320152 AC16 planetary gear
Drive gear 12J5200T-1707030
A79981320140 AC16 Axle Rear Axle Gear
WG9231320226 Half-Shaft Gear
12.ISD160T-1707030 pair of box drive gear
WG9231320225 Half-Shaft Gear
Driven Gear WG9014320137
WG9981340071 AC16 Bridge Sun Gear
Idle Gear WG2210050001
Shaft gear WG2210020102
Planet wheel WG2210100104
Shaft First Gear 2159303003
Helical Gear WG9012340005
Air compressor gear-612600130173
612600130173 Air compressor gear
Helical Gear WG9012340005
Gear WG9231320151
HW13710 Drive wheel
Gear WG9231320151
Gear WG9231320227
Gear WG9231320226
Gear WG9231320152
4th Gear AZ2210040224
3rd Gear AZ2210040225
2nd Gear AZ2210040206
1st Gear AZ2210040230
Gear WG9231320225
Gear VG1560130064
Intermediate gear VG1500019018
2nd Gear AZ2210030203
3rd Gear AZ2210030224
4th Gear AZ2210030226
R. Gear AZ2210040207
Howo Gear AZ2210030325
Gear VG14070060
Gear VG1560050052
Gear VG14050053
Gear VG14070061
Sun WG2210100001
Gear AZ2210020222
Helical Gear AZ2210030227
Shaft First Gear WG2210040440
810-35199-6595 Spiral Bevel Gear/Crown Wheel Pinion
Air Compressor Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-54210-6042
AZ2210040153 Transmission Gearbox Mainshaft Gear
Az9981320130 Transmission Gearbox Driving Cylindrical Gears
VG1246080059 Fuel Pump Driving Gear
Shaft Thrid Gear WG2210040425
A7 WG9231320151 half-shaft gear
HOWO A7 Gear AZ2210020222
HOWO A7 Gear VG14070061
HOWO A7 Sun WG2210100001
HOWO A7 3rd Gear AZ2210030224
HOWO A7 4th Gear AZ2210030226
Shaft First Gear 2159303003
Helical Gear WG9012340005
Helical Gear WG9012340005
HOWO A7 Gear WG9231320152

Hot Sales Products Of Sitrak Heavy Duty Truck Gear

For Sitrak heavy-duty trucks, we provide a wide range of gear components designed to optimize power transmission and enhance vehicle performance. Our Sitrak gears are manufactured utilizing advanced technology, ensuring smooth shifting and reliable operation even under heavy loads.

Planetary Gear 812W35108-0078
Planetary Gear 812W35108-0078
Differential planetary gear 810W35609-0013
Differential Planetary Gear 810W35609-0013
Crankshaft Front Gear 200-02115-0278
Crankshaft Front Gear 200-02115-0278
Camshaft Gear 200-04501-0191
Camshaft Gear 200-04501-0191
Passive gear (Z=37/31) 811W35610-0047
Passive Gear (Z=37/31) 811W35610-0047
Front End Intermediate Gear 200-11306-5007
Front End Intermediate Gear 200-11306-5007
Rear half shaft gear assembly 810-35617-6007
Rear Half Shaft Gear Assembly 810-35617-6007
Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5133
Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5133
Crankcase Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5093
Crankcase Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5093
Cylinder Head Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5094
Cylinder Head Intermediate Gear Assembly 200-04505-5094
Crankshaft Rear Gear 200-02115-0256
Crankshaft Rear Gear 200-02115-0256
High Pressure Oil Pump Drive Gear 200-11301-0278
High Pressure Oil Pump Drive Gear 200-11301-0278
Driving cylindrical gear assembly AZ7117329070
Driving Cylindrical Gear Assembly AZ7117329070
Half Shaft Gear 812W35106-0055
Half Shaft Gear 812W35106-0055
Large Intermediate Gear Shaft 200V04506-0078
Large Intermediate Gear Shaft 200V04506-0078

Hot Sales Products Of Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Gear

We understand the importance of reliable gears in Shacman heavy-duty trucks. Our Shacman gears are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity. Whether you need gears for Shacman’s X3000 or F3000 series, we offer a comprehensive range of options.

Shacman 10 Gear Gearbox Gear 16776
Shacman 12JS200T-1701116 Drive Gear
Shacman 12JS200T-1707030 Drive Gear
Shacman Gear
Drive Gear 10JS90A-1707030
Drive Gear High Gear 18869 30 Teeth
Fast Gearbox Drive Gear 18869
Shacman Gear 10JS160T-1701113
Shacman Gear 12JSDX240TA-1701113
Reducer Gear 12JSDX240T-1707106
Gearbox Gear
Shacman Drive Gear 12JSD160T-1707030

Hot Sales Products Of FAW Heavy Duty Truck Gear

As a leading supplier of FAW heavy-duty truck gears, we offer reliable and durable components that are engineered to withstand demanding applications. From FAW’s J6 to J7 series, our gears are designed to deliver exceptional performance, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.

Gear 3rd intermediate shaft gear 12JS200T-1701050
Faw Truck Parts
Axle Diff
Driving Gear
Main Box Intermediate Shaft Fourth Gear 1701213-A9K
Main Box Intermediate Shaft Overdrive Gear 1701217-AOL
Faw Main Box Spindle 5th
Reduction Low
19726 12JS200T-1707106

Packaging Of Heavy Duty Truck Gear

  1. Wooden Case Packing:
    For the packaging of heavy-duty truck gear, we offer reliable and sturdy wooden case packing. With our expertise in ensuring safe transportation, we carefully select high-quality wood to construct durable cases that can withstand the rigors of shipping. Each wooden case is custom-built to accommodate the specific dimensions and weight of the truck gear, providing excellent protection against potential damage during transit. Our wooden case packing solution not only meets industry standards but also exceeds customer expectations for secure packaging.
  2. Standard Carton Package:
    In addition to wooden case packing, we also provide the option of standard carton packaging for heavy-duty truck gear. Our standard cartons are made from strong and eco-friendly materials, designed to safely store and transport various truck gear components. These cartons are carefully chosen to provide adequate cushioning and protection while meeting international shipping regulations. With our attention to detail, we ensure proper sealing and labeling of each carton, allowing for easy identification and efficient handling. Our commitment to quality extends to our standard carton packaging, ensuring that your heavy-duty truck gear arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Shipping Methods Of Heavy Duty Truck Gear

  1. Air Transport:
    When it comes to shipping heavy-duty truck gear, air transport provides a swift and efficient method. With our extensive network of global logistics partners, we ensure seamless airfreight services for your valuable cargo. By leveraging the speed of air transport, we can significantly reduce delivery times, making it an ideal option for urgent shipments. Our dedicated team works closely with airlines to secure the necessary permits and documentation, guaranteeing hassle-free customs clearance. Rest assured that your heavy-duty truck gear will be handled with care and priority throughout the air transport process.
  2. Sea Transport:
    For cost-effective and reliable shipping of heavy-duty truck gear, sea transport is a popular choice. Our expertise in freight management allows us to provide flexible sea freight solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We partner with reputable shipping lines and leverage our extensive network to secure competitive rates and ensure timely departures and arrivals. With proper containerization and secure lashing, your truck gear will be safeguarded against movement and damage during the voyage. Our experienced team closely monitors the entire sea transport process to provide you with real-time updates and peace of mind.
  3. Express Delivery:
    When time is of the essence, our express delivery service offers expedited shipping options for heavy-duty truck gear. Through partnerships with renowned express courier companies, we provide priority handling and faster transit times for your urgent shipments. Our dedicated team ensures efficient customs clearance and end-to-end tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your cargo with ease. With our express delivery service, your heavy-duty truck gear will reach its destination swiftly and securely, meeting your tight deadlines and exceeding your expectations.
  4. Truck Transportation:
    Within specific regions or for neighboring countries, truck transportation offers a convenient and reliable solution for shipping heavy-duty truck gear. Our fleet of well-maintained trucks and experienced drivers ensure seamless overland transportation from pickup to delivery. With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and permits, we navigate potential challenges efficiently, ensuring a smooth transit process. We prioritize the safety of your cargo and employ the necessary security measures to mitigate any risk of damage or theft. Our truck transportation service provides you with a cost-effective option for transporting heavy-duty truck gear reliably and efficiently.
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Express Delivery
Truck Transportation
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