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Heavy Duty Truck Sensor

Types Of Heavy Duty Truck Sensor

Heavy Duty Truck Lights
Sinotruk Heavy Duty Truck Sensor
Heavy Duty Truck Lights
Sitrak Heavy Duty Truck Sensor
Cargo Truck Price
Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Sensor
FAW Heavy Duty Truck Sensor
Foton Heavy Duty Truck Sensor
Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Sensor

Hot Sales Products Of Sinotruk Truck Sensor

Sinotruk, a well-known manufacturer in the heavy duty truck industry, incorporates advanced sensor technology in their trucks. Sinotruk Heavy Duty Truck Sensors are intelligently designed to measure and monitor vital data such as engine temperature, oil pressure, vehicle speed, and exhaust emissions. These sensors provide real-time feedback to the truck’s onboard computer, enabling efficient performance optimization, proactive maintenance, and enhanced overall reliability.

612600090351 Elegant Diesel Oil Should Be Cold
WG9727710002 Howo 10 Air Pressure Sensor
Howo Sensor WG1630820313
Howo WD615 Engine Parts- Sensor VG1092090311
Howo WD615 Engine Parts- Sensor VG2600090318
Howo WD615 Engine Parts- Sensor VG1500090061
Sinotruk Truck
61500090051 For Sinotruk Howo Truck Trailer Parts Oil Pressure Sensor
Weichai Oil
Sensing Plug
4110002120458 Mining Truck Water Sensor
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor DZ9114550146
Fuel Level Sensor WG9925550004
R61540090003 Intake Temperature Sensor
LG9704530505 Expansion Water Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor R61540090004
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor R61540090005
R61540090007 Intake Pressure Sensor
Sinotruk Howo Air Pressure Sensor 4410441020
WG9925550715 Fuel Level Sensor
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor VG1092090311
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor VG1500090060
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor VG1500090061
VG1540080067 Fuel Temperature Sensor
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor VG1540090035
Water Temperature Sensor WG9725710001
Water Temperature Sensor 201V27421-0190
Wg2209280010 Howo A7 Speed Sensor
WG9100583056 Speed Meter Sensor
WG9112550133 Oil Level Sensor
WG9160710522 ABS Brake Sensor
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor WG9725580029
Sinotruk Truck
Sensor WG9725710002
Wg9925710003 Howo A7 Air Pressure Sensor
Sinotruk Howo Oil Level Sensor LG9704552164

Hot Sales Products Of Sitrak Truck Sensor

Sitrak, a reputable brand affiliated with Sinotruk, also emphasizes the integration of innovative sensor systems in their heavy duty trucks. Sitrak Heavy Duty Truck Sensors employ cutting-edge technology to monitor critical parameters like fuel consumption, brake performance, tire pressure, and transmission temperature. By delivering accurate and timely information to the truck’s control unit, these sensors contribute to optimal fuel efficiency, operational safety, and extended component lifespan.

Ambient Temperature Sensor 712-#02H0-0356
Ambient Temperature Sensor 712-02H0-0356
Abs Wheel Speed Sensor (Rear Axle Part/Disc Type Mcy Axle/Left Wheel) 711-#4310-0320
Abs Wheel Speed Sensor 711-4310-0320
Negative Pressure Sensor 811W27421-0231
Negative Pressure Sensor 811W27421-0231
Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor WG1034121033
Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor WG1034121033
WG1034121049 Urea Level Temperature Sensor (With Heating Solenoid Valve)
Urea Level Temperature Sensor WG1034121049
Expansion Tank Level Sensor Assembly 812W06125-0002
Liquid Level Sensor Assembly 812W06125-0002-3
Liquid Level Sensor Assembly 812W06125-0002/3
Expansion tank level sensor assembly 812W06125-0002
Intake Air Temperature And Pressure Sensor VG1099090112
Intake Air Temperature And Pressure Sensor VG1099090112
Ecas Height Sensor WG9925715101
ECAS height sensor WG9925715101
Water Level Sensor(Cummins) WG9925550967/1
Water level sensor WG9925550967
Right Rear Abs Sensor 810W27120-6183
Right Rear ABS Sensor 810W27120-6183
Oil Level Sensor (675x620 Oil Tank/Quick Plug Type/With Heater To Take Back Oil Port) WG9925550714
Oil Level Sensor WG9925550714
Abs Sensor (Wabco) WG9160710522
ABS sensor (WABCO) WG9160710522
Oil level sensor-WG9925550764 (1)
Oil Level Sensor WG9925550764
Fuel Pressure Sensor 202V27421-0263
Fuel Pressure Sensor 202V27421-0263
Independent Heater Sensor (Highland Version) WG9918580087
Independent Heater Sensor WG9918580087
Rotational Speed Sensor 200V27120-7038
Rotational Speed Sensor 200V27120-7038
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor 202V27421-0313
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor 202V27421-0313
201V27421-0190 Water Temperature Sensor
Air Pressure Sensor 4410441020
Ambient Temperature Sensor 712-02H0-0356
C7 level Sensor Assembly 812W06125-0002-2
DL-LG901B-4 Transmission Odometer sensor
WG9925715101 ECAS Height Sensor
Interior Temperature Sensor WG1630820313-5
Nox Sensor
Sitrak Nox
5WK9 7103
Sitrak T7h T5g Truck Nitrogen Oxide Sensor WG1034121032
Sitrak Truck Parts Brake Light Sensor 811W25503-0001
Water Level Sensor(Cummins) WG9925550967-1

Hot Sales Products Of Shacman Truck Sensor

Shacman, renowned for its robust heavy duty trucks, incorporates state-of-the-art sensor technology to enhance vehicle performance and reliability. Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Sensors meticulously monitor factors such as engine load, coolant level, battery voltage, and exhaust gas composition. These sensors ensure that the truck operates within optimal parameters, enabling efficient power delivery, minimized downtime, and compliance with emission standards.

36L Urea Tank Sensor Fit For Shacman Truck Parts DZ95259740567
3979176 Shacman
Water Temperature Sensor
0261210151 0281002315 Crankshaft Position Sensor
612630120004 Shacman Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Shacman Truck Sensor 4110001050055 612630060035
Shacman Air Pressure Sensor 81274210151
Shacman Air Pressure Sensor DZ97189711201
Shacman DZ93259551131 Oil Measurement Sensor
Fuel Level Sensor Assembly DZ93189551042
Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor 0281002863
Shacman Hand
Brake Sensor DZ97189711310
Shacman Delong F3000 Odometer Speed Sensor C03054-15
Shacman Odometer Speed Sensor
Shacman Odometer Speed Sensor
Shacman Oil Pressure Sensor
Shacman Oil Pressure Sensor
Oil Pressure Sensor 612600090766 612600090915
Oil Pressure Sensor 612600090920 Fit For Shacman
Shacman Oil Pressure Sensor
Shacman Oil Pressure Sensor
Shacman Oil Pressure Sensor VG1540090035
Shacman Oxygen Sensor 612600190242
Shacman Oxygen Sensor De-Nox
Shacman Speed Sensor 612600190113
Truck Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor 095000-6250
Shacman Delong F3000 Odometer Speed Sensor C03054-20
Shacman Delong truck parts 612600090351 Oil pressure sensor
Shacman Delong Truck Parts Engine Abs Sensor DZ9100580214
Shacman F3000 Truck Parts Fuel Level Sensor DZ9114550131
Shacman Weichai Temperature Or Pressure Sensor 13034248
Shacman X3000 Parts Urea Tank Sensor DZ95259740567
Speed Sensor
C03054-21 for Shacman Delong 3000
Pressure Sensor F3000 X3000 X5000 H3000 M3000 81.27421.0151
Shacman Delong F3000 Odometer Speed Sensor C03054-26
Urea Level Sensor WG1034120006 For SHACMAN
Urea tank sensor DZ95259740567
Water Temperature Sensor 612600090672
WP10 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor 612600080875
Crankshaft Senso PC200 PC220-8 PC250-8
Fuel Level Sensor 4130000616 104740001

Hot Sales Products Of FAW Truck Sensor

FAW, a prominent player in the heavy duty truck segment, integrates high-quality sensors into their vehicles for comprehensive monitoring and control. FAW Heavy Duty Truck Sensors are designed to measure critical variables like air pressure, wheel speed, suspension position, and turbocharger boost. By keeping a close eye on these parameters, FAW sensors contribute to improved vehicle handling, enhanced safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

FAW Camshaft
Sensor 4HK1
Crankshaft Sensor PC200 PC220-8 PC250-8 PC350-8
Engineering Vehicle Sensor LG953D 255A EQ153
FAW Jiefang
Truck Fuel
Tank Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Truck Speed
Weichai WD615 WD618 WP10 WP12 Engine Sensor 0258017462

Hot Sales Products Of Foton Truck Sensor

Foton, a reputable manufacturer in the heavy duty truck industry, integrates advanced sensor technology into their vehicles. Foton Heavy Duty Truck Sensors are adept at monitoring parameters such as engine RPM, coolant pressure, exhaust temperature, and brake pad wear. These sensors play a vital role in ensuring optimal power output, effective cooling, emission control, and reliable braking performance.

4076930 Foton Truck Pressure Sensors
1B24937300058 Foton Brake Light Sensor
1B24937600072 Foton Truck Fuel Sensor
1B24937680304 Odometer Speed Sensor
2897333 ISF2.8 Intake Air Temperature Sensor
0261210151 0281002315 Crankshaft Position Sensor
1B17837610030 Speedometer Sensor For Foton Truck Parts
4921477 4921475 3846N-010-C1 3967251 Oil Pressure Sensor
4921477 4921475 3967251 3846N-010-C1 Oil Pressure Sensor
Crankshaft Sensor PC200 PC220-8 PC250-8 PC350-8
3408529 Camshaft Position Sensor
612630120004 Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Absolute Pressure Sensor 5wk9684 4076493
Foton Truck Air Flow Sensor 4984760
Air Pressure Sensor H4381070001A0
Air Pressure Sensor WG9727710002
4921489 Foton Truck Oil Pressure Sensor
Differential Pressure Sensor 4384138
Engine Speed Sensor 1B18037600013
K1376020001A0 Sensor Foton Spare Parts
Foton Spare Parts L012512401DA0Y1 Urea Sensor
L0376020006AO Truck Speed Sensor Odometer Sensor
Nitrogen Oxide Nox Sensor 4326871 4307259 A045S168
Fuel Filter Sensor 56140-05PS
Foton Truck Fuel Oil Sensor L0376030006A0
Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor 5WK97102 4326871
Odometer Speed Sensor P1381020001A0
Oil Pressure Sensor 04215774
Oil Pressure Sensor 4928594 For FOTON Truck
Oil Pressure Sensor 612600090766
Oil Pressure Sensor H4381070001A0
Oil Pressure Sensor VG1500090051
Oil Pressure Sensor 1B24937601009
Oxygen Sensor F01r00c018 0258006974 For FOTON
Position Sensor
Speed Mileage Sensor L0381020006A0
1B24937680304 Odometer Speed Sensor
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
Temperature Sensor 4102bq.43.06
Temperature Sensor 4088832 ISF2.8
Unit Sensor 612600081583 0928400617
Vehicle Speed Sensor H4381020001A0
Water Temperature Sensor 1B20037600013
Water Temperature Sensor 1408501700810
Water Temperature Sensor E049366000009

Hot Sales Products Of Beiben Truck Sensor

Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Sensors exemplify precision engineering and reliability. These sensors allow for continuous monitoring of essential parameters such as oil temperature, gearbox position, differential speed, and air quality. By providing accurate data to the truck’s control system, Beiben sensors optimize vehicle performance, prevent potential failures, and enhance the longevity of key components.

Beiben V3 A0035451614 Sensor(H.L gear)
Beiben V3 A0055429417 Sensor
Beiben V3 A0085428117 Sensor
Beiben V3 Truck Spare Parts Air Filter Sensor
Beiben V3 Truck Spare Parts Brake Sensor
Beiben V3 Truck Spare Parts High And Low Grade Sensor
Beiben V3 Truck
Spare Parts Odometer Sensor
Beiben V3 Truck WP10 WP12 Engine Spare Parts Water Temperature Sensor
Beiben Truck
Speed Sensor
For Beiben Truck 0055429417

Packaging Of Heavy Duty Truck Sensor

  1. Wooden Case Packing:
    Our heavy duty truck sensor is carefully packaged in wooden cases to ensure maximum protection during transportation. The wooden cases are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and prevent any damage that could occur during handling. With strong and durable construction, the wooden cases provide an extra layer of security to safeguard the sensor from external impacts. Inside the wooden case, the sensor is securely cushioned and fixed to prevent any movement or collision that might cause potential harm. Our wooden case packaging is an ideal choice for ensuring the safe delivery of heavy duty truck sensors.
  2. Standard Carton Package:
    Apart from wooden case packing, we also offer standard carton packaging for our heavy duty truck sensors. The standard carton package provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for shipping the sensors. Each sensor is carefully placed in a well-designed carton box that offers sufficient protection against external forces. The carton material is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and strength. With proper cushioning and padding inside the carton box, the sensor is shielded from impacts and vibrations that could potentially cause damage. Our standard carton packaging ensures the safe transit of heavy duty truck sensors while maintaining an efficient shipping process.

Shipping Methods Of Heavy Duty Truck Sensor

  1. Air Transport:
    When it comes to shipping heavy duty truck sensors quickly and efficiently, air transport is the preferred method. We collaborate with reputable airlines to ensure the prompt delivery of our sensors to customers worldwide. Air transport offers several advantages, including faster transit times and reduced risk of damage compared to other shipping methods. With dedicated cargo planes and specialized handling, our heavy duty truck sensors are securely packaged and transported to their destinations via air. This method is particularly suitable for urgent orders or customers located in distant regions.
  2. Sea Transport:
    For cost-effective and bulk orders of heavy duty truck sensors, sea transport is a reliable option. We work closely with trusted shipping companies to transport large quantities of sensors across various international ports. Sea transport allows for the consolidation of shipments, resulting in reduced shipping costs per unit. Our sensors are properly packaged and stored in shipping containers, ensuring their safety during the voyage. Although sea transport generally takes longer than air transport, it is a suitable choice for customers who prioritize cost savings and have flexible delivery timelines.
  3. Express Delivery:
    For customers who require a balance between speed and affordability, express delivery is an ideal solution for shipping heavy duty truck sensors. We have partnered with renowned express delivery services to offer expedited shipping options. Through these services, our sensors are transported via premium courier networks, providing reliable and fast delivery to destinations worldwide. With express delivery, customers can expect shorter transit times compared to standard shipping methods, getting their orders in a timely manner without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.
  4. Truck Transportation:
    For domestic deliveries and regional shipping, truck transportation is a convenient and efficient method for shipping heavy duty truck sensors. We collaborate with experienced trucking companies that specialize in transporting sensitive and valuable cargo. Our sensors are carefully loaded and secured in trucks, ensuring their stability throughout the journey. With well-planned logistics and route optimization, truck transportation offers reliable and timely deliveries to customers within a specific geographic area. This method is particularly suitable for customers who require flexibility in delivery schedules and prefer the convenience of domestic shipping.
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Express Delivery
Truck Transportation
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