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Beiben Drum Brake Midbridge
Beiben Drum Brake Midbridge
Beiben Engine Suspension
Beiben Engine Suspension

Beiben Washer System

  • The Beiben Washer System is a comprehensive and reliable solution for maintaining clear visibility on your vehicle. It consists of several key components that work together seamlessly to ensure effective windshield cleaning.
  • At the heart of the system is the Washer Camber, designed to provide the necessary pressure for fluid distribution. This component is essential for achieving optimal cleaning results. The Duplex Fitting, with its high-quality construction, plays a crucial role in connecting multiple hoses and ensuring fluid flow consistency.

Product Parameters of Beiben Washer System

Washer System
  • The Beiben Washer System also includes a durable Hose that transports the cleaning solution from the washer fluid reservoir to the windshield. The Washer Bump contributes to the system’s efficiency by releasing the appropriate amount of fluid onto the windshield at the right time.
  • To secure these components in place, the system utilizes reliable Bolts that provide stability and prevent any leaks or malfunctions. The Nozzle, equipped with adjustable settings, allows for precise and targeted spray patterns, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • The Washer System incorporates a Shim for proper alignment and fitment. This component ensures a tight seal between the washer system and the windshield, preventing leakage. The Jacket shields the system from external factors, such as weather and debris, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.
  • Finishing off the Beiben Washer System is the Lid, which covers the washer fluid reservoir, protecting it from contamination and evaporation.
  • Investing in the Beiben Washer System guarantees a premium and efficient cleaning experience for your vehicle. With its carefully engineered components, including the Washer Camber, Duplex Fitting, Hose, Washer Bump, Bolts, Nozzle, Shim, Jacket, and Lid, the system ensures utmost visibility and safety on the road. Experience a crystal-clear windshield with this top-quality washer system.
ID#   Part Name English     Part Number     Quantity
1 Washer Camber 641 869 00 20 1
2 Duplex Fitting 000 86913 18 1
3 Duplex Fitting 518 869 01 58 1
4 Hose 114 869 06 94 1
5 Hose 114 869 06 94 1
6 Hose 381 869 03 94 1
7 Hose 107 869 09 94 1
8 Washer Bump 000 860 32 26 1
9 Bolts M100845 055050 1
10 Nozzle 500 869 33 47 2
11 Shim M100096 006000 1
12 Jacket 641 869 01 66 1
13 Lid 001 860 21 69 1
14 Hose 107 869 09 94 1
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