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Anchor The World’S First, Leading The Industry Through The Cycle Of The “Sinotruk Password”

In 2022, stock competition, innovation and brand power will still be the key words of the commercial vehicle industry. Under the impact of business restructuring and the epidemic, the “star making” of market segments continues, and changes and new life are also being staged. For companies, how to cope with the industry’s winter, through the trough of the market, maintain resilient growth, and become the future winner?

On February 21st, sinotruk 2023 Partner Conference with the theme of “Product-oriented intelligence, win-win future creates Value” was successfully held in Quancheng Jinan. Sinotruk related leaders, dealers, key customers, service providers and media reporters gathered together to explore more possibilities for the development of the commercial vehicle industry.


As a practical promoter of the development of the commercial vehicle industry, Sinotruk used 14 “first” and “double crown” in sales and market share to boost the industry confidence and lead the industry to “ride the wind and waves”. IMG_257

14 first, “double crown king” to achieve a new leap

Commercial vehicle is a strong cyclical industry. In 2022, the enthusiasm of the capital market will fade, the downstream demand of the industry is weak, and the uncertainty of the global economy will make the industry cool sharply and usher in a downward cycle.

Facing the low operation of the commercial vehicle market, sinotruk research regulations, global view, risk, in the head car companies competition, rose, with 159000 heavy card sales, 24% of the market share, become 2022 China heavy truck industry sales and market share “double”, and won the commercial vehicle industry 14 “first”, market-oriented, innovation driven development, sinotruk in share and advanced technology to achieve seven “first”. The annual heavy truck sales of 159,000 units, The market share reached 24%, Domestic enterprises in the same industry heavy truck market share first; The annual heavy truck export of 89,000 units, Domestic heavy truck export market share of more than 50%, Export sales ranked first in China; It is the first commercial vehicle enterprise equipped with thermal efficiency of 52.28% diesel engine technology; It is the first commercial vehicle enterprise equipped with thermal efficiency of 54.16% gas engine technology; Traction share above 500 horsepower is 28%, First place in the industry, Five percentage points higher than the second place; Release the first commercial hydrogen internal combustion engine new energy heavy truck, Achieving zero carbon emissions; Develop the industry’s only dual-gear electric drive integrated bridge, In the new energy technology route and power chain to build a technical advantage. IMG_258

It is worth mentioning that the overseas market has also become another stage for Sinotruk to participate in the industry competition, ranking the top of heavy truck exports for many years. For every two Chinese heavy trucks in the overseas market, one truck comes from Sinotruk. In October 2022, Sinotruk’s monthly export of heavy trucks exceeded 10,000 units, setting a new milestone in the development history of China’s heavy truck export and becoming the pride of Chinese manufacturing.

Not only that, in the market segment development, Sinotruk has achieved seven “first”. Thanks to the combined advantages of the WP 14 T engine and the MC13H engine, Sinotruk firmly occupies the commanding heights of industry power upgrading, Long-distance logistics and transportation market industry sales volume ranks first; With the reputation advantage of low fuel consumption and high reliability, Sinotruk has more than 30 percent of the express delivery market, Ranked first in the industry; Sinotruk’s market share of hazardous chemicals is 29%, Sales volume is the first; With the continuous breakthrough in the urban construction muck market, Howo continues to strengthen the first brand advantage of muck car, Shandeka has become the first choice for the high-end muck car, Muck car industry sales first; Sinootruk mixing truck market share is stable at 35%, First in the industry for 22 consecutive years; In the high-end special vehicle market, such as fire trucks, pump trucks, TV broadcasts and oil field operations, Sinotruk continues to maintain the industry leader, High-end special vehicle sales industry first; Rapid iteration through the AMT product technology, Successfully build the S-AMT differentiation advantages, The AMT model sales volume ranked first in the industry.

In this chilly trough of the industry, Sinotruk’s “champion” may be doomed from the moment it topped the sales in the first quarter of 2022 and won the voice in the industry.

Draw up a new blueprint for the industry

Although the market has entered a downward cycle, for the “players” in the field, especially the leading manufacturers, they are more likely to regard this round of industry trough as an important time window to expand against the trend and improve the industrial concentration.

Entering 2023, with the help of the clear economic recovery period, increased infrastructure investment, the elimination of old vehicles and other factors, the possibility of heavy truck sales bottoming out and rebound gradually increases, and the spring belonging to the commercial vehicle industry may return.

As the leader of China’s heavy truck industry, Sinotruk has shown an extraordinary growth power at the beginning of the year. According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Sinotruk topped the sales volume in January 2023 with 13,500 vehicles, with a market share of 27.76%. It became the only enterprise with a sales volume exceeding 10,000 in January. It has established a leading position in the industry with the attitude of “war is decisive battle”.

Of course, Sinotruk’s outstanding achievements are not a slogan, but a step by step. Behind the double place in the first month of 2022 and 2023 is the inevitable result of Sinotruk’s product technology iteration and business model innovation

Product power is the source of enterprise vitality. Sinotruk knows this well and takes market demand to maintain product upgrading and iteration. By continuously increasing the investment in product research and development, establishing and improving the “forward research and development” process, Sinotruk has become the enterprise with the most complete driving form and power coverage in China’s heavy truck industry.

At the beginning of 2023, Sinotruk has launched a number of blockbuster new products. On January 14, Sinotruk Haowo MAX efficient version was launched, equipped with the world’s first commercial thermal efficiency exceeding 52.28% commercial engine, the infinite S power chain achieved super excellent matching, and the comprehensive fuel saving was up to 15.5%. On January 27, the first Howo TH 7 tractor equipped with Weichai WP 15 T / 680 horsepower diesel engine was delivered to customers in Bozhou, Anhui province; on January 31, the new product of WP15T 680, started the “big horsepower extreme journey” and led the trunk logistics and transportation.

At this conference, Sinotruk also conducted a “big military parade” of its existing products. Covering traction, dump, cargo, special vehicle market segment of traditional energy products and pure electric, hydrogen fuel models of new energy products, a total of 26 car, infinite S power chain, the full range of electric drive bridge assembly components, among them, the Yellow River X7 800 horsepower tractor, sinotruk new energy double electric drive bridge also appeared at the venue.

Today, Sinotruk’s product chain has formed a positive cycle: improving management efficiency, investing more resources in research and development, further promoting product technology capabilities, and accelerating the upgrade to the technology-leading strategy.

Positive signals are still being released. Earlier, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued the Action Plan for the elimination of heavy pollution, ozone pollution and the pollution control of diesel trucks, providing policy support for the recovery of the heavy truck market.

In this context, Sinotruk’s leading advantage was further amplified. Sinotruk said that in the future, it will continue to build the core drive, build the leading advantage of the full series of commercial vehicles, continue to build the most quality competitive products, fully towards the high-end, challenge the world’s first, and become the world’s best commercial vehicles.

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