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2023 Beiben Engine Assembly Parts Pricing via Direct Factory Sales  
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2024 Direct Factory Sales of High-Quality Foton Gearbox Parts at Competitive Prices

2023 Direct Factory Sales of High-Quality Beiben Cabin Parts at Competitive Prices


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Cabin Parts

As a truck expert, it is important to keep your cabin in tip-top condition. Regular maintenance and replacement of cabin parts are essential to creating a comfortable and safe driving environment. In 2023, Beiben will be offering cabin parts through direct factory sales. This article explores the available cabin parts, pricing, and advantages of factory-direct purchase.

Introduction of Beiben Cabin Parts

Beiben cabin parts are designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial vehicles. They are made of high-quality materials and carefully crafted to ensure functionality and durability. The brand offers a wide range of cabin parts, catering to various truck brands and applications.

Benefits of Direct Factory Sales

Direct factory sales offer several advantages to customers. By eliminating intermediaries, cost savings are passed on to the customers. Furthermore, purchasing directly from the factory minimizes logistics and handling costs, resulting in additional cost savings. Finally, customers can expect shorter lead times, which is important when replacement parts are urgently needed.

2023 Pricing for Beiben Cabin Parts

Beiben has published their pricing for 2023 cabin parts, with discounts available for large-quantity purchases. The pricing varies based on the part type and model, but Beiben consistently offers competitive pricing compared to other brands in the industry. The brand also provides custom-engineered solutions tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Price List of Beiben Cabin Parts

No.Part No.Part NamePriceTitle
1N007976006313Self-tapping screw$0.01C1022A fine thread bugle head black cheap drywall gypsum board self-tapping screw
2A3819900540Plain washer$0.01PTFE Shim Washer Nylon Gasket Wholesale Factory Supply Plastic Countersunk DIN Customized Plain Flat Washer M10 Plain Finish 3/
3A3818811798Weather stripe$0.10Car Door Rubber Seal Strip Trim Seal with Side Bulb for Cars, Boats,Trucks, and Home Applications, Car Weather Striping
4A3818810127 Backing strip$0.893528 5V USB white light 60led/m strip with self adhesive backing tape usb powered led TV PC backlight strip light with usb cable
5N007985006542Bolt$0.01Fastener Manufacture stainless steel track bolts
6A1869904340Washer$0.05Stainless steel ss304 / 316 customize galvanized Star Lock Washer
7A3818800491Protective edge$0.01Hot Selling Modern Design Melamine Particle Mdf Board Protective Plywood Pvc Edge Banding
8A3818810206 Trim stripe$3.00JDMotorsport88 Front Grille Insert Trim Stripes Cover Sticker For BMW 3 Series E46 Sedan 2001-2005 11 Grilles
11A0009907850Nut$0.01Clip Nuts Wholesale High Quality Steel U Nut Sprig M4 M5 M6 M8 Speed U Nut Clip
13A3818310698 Seal washer$0.01BSP screwed pipe joint imperial unit bonded washer metric unit self-centering bonded seal DIN bonded seal washer
14A3813020340 Support$66.93BAVIN PC021S Support 22.5W Fast Charging 150W High Capacity Mini Portable Power Bank Supply Travel Without Power Interruption
15A3818370098 Seal ring$0.02Multifunctional Pressure Cooker 28cm Silicone Gasket Fluorine Rubber Sealing Ring
16A0019901204Hexagon bolt$0.01hexagon socket head cap allen bolt with washer attached
17A3819920005 Bush$0.04China manufacturer different sizes copper bush maintenance-free powder metallurgy bronze bushings
18A3358335071Bolt$0.015mm wholesale carriage bolts stainless steel coach bolts and nuts Nonstandard head
20A000934008008Nut$0.01Hex nut m2 m3 m4 m8 m10 m12 m14 m16 hexagonal nut astm a563 steel stainless steel zinc m10x1 25 m12x0.75 nuts
21A3818370035Spring washer$0.016mm Inner Diameter Split Lock Spring Washer Gasket Copper Tone 20pcs
22N007341005111Rivet$0.01tubular rivet OEM/ODM 6mm pan head leather tubular rivet with cap M3 carbon steel zinc plated semi hollow tubular rivet
23A3878370398Seal stripe$0.08Brand Popular 100% PTFE Thread Seal Tape For Gas Pipe hot sell in south africa
24N007985008115Bolt$0.01CNC machining hollow stainless steel M22 internal and external thread hexagon stud metal hollow side hole joint Bolt
25N912004008162Shim$0.01DIN988 304 Stainless Steel M2 to M40 Thickness 0.1 to 1mm Plain Flat Adjusting Ultrathin Ultra Thin Gasket Washer Sealing Shim
26N914032005305Combination screw$0.01Factory Direct Sales Customized Screw Zinc-aluminum Coated Truss Zinc Cadmium Plated M6 SUS304 Combination Screw
27A0019901791Blind nut$0.01High Quality Flat Head Insert Carbon Stainless Steel Closed End Blind Rivet Nuts Screws With One-stop Service
28N001444006106Pin$0.08location pins tapered pin cylindrical pin Stainless steel sus304 ss 316 45 # steel
29N914126008099 Bolt$0.01CNC machining hollow stainless steel M22 internal and external thread hexagon stud metal hollow side hole joint Bolt
30A3817250139 Weather stripe$0.10phenolic fabric Material guide ring seal wear strip Cylinder piston and rod
31A3147250401Slot$0.56Stainless Steel SS304 90 Degree L Type Corner Brace Stainless Angle Bracket
32A3817250030Glass rail$5.50interior glass system aluminium profile u channel shower glass door hardware door slide railings
33N007983004249Self-tapping screw$0.04Customized M3 M4 Self-Tapping Self-Drilling Metal Screws
34N007985006149Bolt$0.01Hex Bolt Screw Factory Price Customized Wholesale High Strength Metric m6 m7 m8 m9 m15 m17 m20 304 316 stainless steel Hex Bolt
35N001481002512Elastic cylinder pin$0.01Parallel pin removal Elastic cylinder 304 stainless steel slotted straight spring pin
36A3817230069Tierod$6.99Front Lower Control Arms Outer Tierods for 2010 2011 2012 Ford Taurus Flex MKS MKT MS401122 MS401121 ES800222
37A3817660297 Cushion$3.67OEM manufacturer waterproof custom outdoor cushion foam for sofa cushion seat filling support cushion custom designed seat foam
38A0009903930Screw$0.01Hex self-drilling screw Hex-angle flange self-tapping self-drilling screw Drill tail screw
39A0007200616Door limiter unit$0.01OEM 51416969407 Car Parts Left Right Side Car Interior Door Handle for bmw E70 E71 X5 X6 5141 6969 407
40N913023006000 Nut$0.01China high-quality wholesale m5m6m8m10 hex dome nut hex nut automobile nuts
41A3897270371R door interior trimming plate$60.00Commercial Building Apartment House Room Interior Mdf Door Wood Veneer Mdf Wooden Door
42A3819970486 Plug$0.10EV Cable 16A IEC 62196 EV Charging Cable Electric Car Charger Type 2 Plug EV Charging Connector Electric Vehicle Cable
43A3817600059Arrest$3.00DC surge protector device spd arresters
44N006799006002Clip spring$0.14Wholesale 25mm Carabiner Snap Clip Open Spring Hook Key Ring Spring Gate Rings 1″ Round Shape Spring Ring for Bag
46A3098100049Luggage net$1.30Wholesale bungee luggage net outdoor cart fixed mesh with hook
47N072601024290Bulb(70W)$1.12Fujiram guzhen led light Material aluminum pc plastic b22 e27 30W 50w 70w smd chip led 20w lamp ufo bulb
48N000966005001 Bolt$0.01M8 Hexagon Head Bolt Grade 4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 Half Thread Hex Bolt And Nut Pernos Din 931
49A3359870041Shim$0.01Fastener Manufacture High Precision Stainless Steel Sealing Thin Flat Shim Washer
51A0009908150Nut$0.01Stainless Steel TRIGROOVE Nut
52A3818240017Spacer sleeve$0.01Sleeve support straight cylindrical plastic washer Nylon Spacer 6.5*4.2*5
53A3818240228Wiper arm$0.45Manufacturer Replace Rear Window Back Wiper Blade Arm
54A0009940445Nut$0.01Customized thumb screw nut stainless steel knurled nut m4 m5 m6 knurled thumb nut
55N007981004327Self-tapping screw$0.04Dry Wall Screw Metric Black Gypsum Board Adjustment Self-tapping Drywall Screw Making Machine
56A0008210552Switch$0.45Manufacturer Frameless Car Rubber Strip Windscreen Wipers Blades Wiperbaldes Universal Flat Car Wiper Blade
57A3099870144Plug$0.10EU Plug Rotatable Socket Converter One in Three 180 Degree Extension Outlet Travel Adapter
58N000933006088Bolt$0.01Grade 8.8 10.9 ASTM A325 High Strength Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Bolt and Nuts
59N912004006100Elastic washer$0.01OEM M3 M4 M6 M8 M19 Steel Corrugated Wave Washer Elastic Spring Washer
60N007981005317Self-tapping screw$0.04Factory Price Cross Recessed Pan Head Self-tapping Screws
61N000125006420Plain washer$0.01Flat gasket rings fasteners stainless steel flat washer for bolts galvanized plain washer
62N000125004313Screw$0.01Manufacturers Customizable American Countersunk Head Slotted Painting Screws
63A3098990075 Rubber band$0.50High Quality Durable Small Hair Elastic Colored Rubber Band For Money And Any Purposes 1.5 Inches In Diameter
65A3819770651Hinge sheet$0.415 Inch Metal Sheet British Sofa Bed Hinge Fitting Furniture Metal Color Zinc Plated 130mm Length Steel Wood Bed 1.5mm 2pcs/set
66A3819770151 Hinge$0.10Stainless Steel Hinge office glass
67A3819700094Harness$0.208 Tons 7: 1 SF Polyester Made Endless Flat Webbing Sling
68N914026008103Combination bolt$0.15High Quality Decorative Book Iron Binding Chicago Male and Female Nail Combination Nickel Plated Screws Sex Bolt
69A3819105709Driver seat unit$32.00hot sale air suspension driver seat with two point safety belt
70N914126008035 Bolt$0.01best price Fasteners DIN933 DIN931 A2 A4 Stainless Steel 304 hex head bolts nuts
71GB5783-M8-30-8.8-Zn8Dfix bolt$0.15High strength fix bolt carriage bolts and nuts
72GB93-8-Zn8Dplian washer$0.01Best Price Custom Duadirable Oil Seals Rator Bathtub Fireproof Solar Energy Food Grade Nonstandard Rubber Gasket
73A3816957225Roof patch$0.50Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane Tape For Roof Patch
74N914032005303Screw$0.01zinc alloy hex socket flange washer furniture wood threaded metal screw in threaded inserts
75A3816945025(L)interior trimmingb plate$0.01Chrome Spike Lug Nuts Socket Key with Hex 3/4″(19mm) for Spike Lug Nuts, Length 4.9″ (125mm), Universal Spiked Lug Nuts Socket K
76N000125005315 Plain washer$0.05Factory customized fasteners stainless steel flat washer for bolts galvanized plain washer
775129900392 $0.10Self Drilling Frame Anchor Plastic Nylon Wall Plug Expansion Expand Nails
78A3816880447 Weather stripe$0.10Custom OEM rubber extrusion profile extruded molding silicone/EPDM/PVC rubber seals strips profile products
79A3816890352Hinge$0.10Hot Sale Furniture Kitchen Hardware Hydraulic soft close Hinge, bisagras de gabinete Concealed Cabinet Hinges
81A3816800151L hinge$0.10CONSUN 3d adjustable conceal hydraulic cabinet hinge
82A3816800251Rhinge$0.10Self closing 35mm cup cupboard furniture two way concealed hinge nickel plated two holes and four holes
84N000125006423 Shim$0.01Corrosion Resistant Customized Stainless Steel Shim Flat Washer Shim
85N007985006517 Bolt$0.01customized flat head hole bolt cotter pin bolt bolt without thread
86N000127006203 Elastic washer$0.01Wholesale M3 M4 M5 M6 Elastic Gasket Carbon Steel Black Wave Spring Washer
87N910003004149 Rivet$0.01China Factory Customized brass semi tubular flat head rivet DIN7338 brass 12mm hollow tubular rivets
88A3816880063 Cushion$3.671000 Hours Colorfastness To light Outdoor Seat Cushion Waterproof Bench Filling Cushion Pillow
89A1109870639 Plug$0.10Customizable 12mm Silicon Plug Black Silicone Rubber Stopper Bore
90A3816880708 Socket cleading$0.01Chrome Spike Lug Nuts Socket Key with Hex 3/4″(19mm) for Spike Lug Nuts, Length 4.9″ (125mm), Universal Spiked Lug Nuts Socket K
91A3817250297 Cushion$3.67Hot sale backrests chair cushion seat pad for pressure relief
92N000966006092 Bolt$0.01Factory stock Custom M3 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 Stainless steel A2 A4 DIN931 Partial Half Thread Hex Bolt And Nut And Washer
93A3816871398 Weather stripe$0.10Custom solid silicone rubber seal strip silicone profile
96N001444006100Pin$0.082 inch common nail iron nail china steel nail price per ton
97A3817510398Seal washer$0.01KAIRUITE bonded sealing combination gasket fkm combination washer rubber gasket spiral wound gasket Chinese factory
98N000934006006 Nut$0.01cap nuts customized m6 m8 m10 Stainless Steel cap nuts self locking Hex Domed Cap Nuts with high quality
99A0007500184 Inter lock$30.45Amazon top seller Assembled cabinet staff locker 5 door single locker metal locker 5 doors schrank loker besi
100A3849973486 Plug$0.10hot selling NEMA 5-15P 15A 125v Nylon electric plug for mini heater
101A3818300231Pull rope$0.10Wholesale 2022 Body Fitness Sport Pull Rope for Home Training Exercise hammock rope
102N007981005319 Self-tapping screw$0.04C1022A fine thread bugle head black cheap drywall gypsum board self-tapping screw
103A3817500051 Hinge$0.103D 4D adjustable hinge with clip on base very popular one and with high quality Soft close furniture hinge
104N009021006103Washer$0.01Hot Sale ABS Black Plastic Flat Washer
106A5008110662 Pressure spring$0.01Hengsheng Big Metal Mechanical Coil Pressure Heavy Duty Car Spring Compression Big Coil Spring
107A5008110917 $0.20factory outlet Lateral Plungers smooth Spring Locating Pins Quick Pin Plunger dia 6/8/10/12/16 in stock
108A5008110274 $0.01Eyeglass Ear Grips Hook, Comfortable Silicone Elastic Eyeglasses Temple Tips Sleeve Retainer
109A5008108416 $4.29PK9596 For Land Rover Defender 90 110 130 New Door Wing Mirrors With Arms MTC5217 MTC5084 MTC5083 Side Mirror Assembly Pair
110A5008119314 $8.95Factory Hot Sale Fishing Tackle Equipment Portable 2.1m Carbon 2 Section Mirror Baking Paint Casting Fishing Rod
111A5008110997 $0.10Top Hot Product Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Rubber Yoga Mat With Pu Non-Slip-Yoga-Mat
112A3148150436Handle$0.09Aluminium Alloy Pulls Furniture Hardware Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Dresser Wardrobe Drawer Door Gold Black Modern Pull Handles
113N007985008117 Bolt$0.01Din 931 Din 933 M8 M4 Hexagon Head Bolt Grade 4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 Half Thread Hex Bolt And Nut screw
115A3819900392Plastic screw$0.04Plastic Knob Thumb Screw
116N007981004260 Self-tapping screw$0.04Factory Wholesale M2 M4 set countersunk truss head Stainless Steel 304 bolt Philip torx drilling Self-tapping Screw
117N009021008102 Shim$0.01Steel insert nut m8 star 8mm spring lock washer shim gasket
118A3818140001Hook$0.09Furniture Hardware Zinc Alloy Metal Heavy Duty Coat Towel Hanger And Hat Wall Robe Clothes Double Hook
119A3818110011Thread plate$0.60Rubber back up holder backing plate with M14 or 5/8″-11 thread for hook and loop polishing pads
120A3818110082 Washer$0.01OEM/ODM FKM,SBR,NR round plain thin flat washer with ce
121A3818110214Socket$0.04M12 PCB mount circular connector 4 Position male A-code m12 aviation socket screw thread front fastening
122A3818110028Spring$0.50High demand Stainless Steel 0.5 Wire Diameter Die Spring Furniture Torsion Spring Small Custom Compression Springs
123A3818121075Lcurtain rail$15.06US Electric TUYA Alexa Google Home Control WiFi Curtain track, Curtain Motor with Rail
124A3358125071Cuetain fixing belt$0.303M 4211 Double Coated Acrylic Foam Adhesive Tape For Body Side Molding
125A3898120083Limiting stop dog$0.80Elevator Parts Hitachi High-speed Roller Guide Shoe Mounting Plate Guide Shoe Stop Block Limit Block
126A3816900392Document box kit$10.75High Quality Large Capacity Document Storage Bag Box Waterproof Document Bag Organizer Papers Storage Pouch Travel File Bag
127A3816950495Protective plate$0.15Dooroom Brass Door Lock Set Interior Door Lever Dummy Privacy Passage Key Escutcheon Black Gold
128A3899900092Expansion screw$0.05Factory Hot Sale chipboard screw woodHex Flange Head Wood Expansion screws
129N002093020103 Spring$0.50Spring manufacturer Alloy heavy duty flat compression spring
130N000934008008 Nut$0.01Hexagon lock nut special type wholesale shaft lock nut nylon lock nut
131A3818107116 Back-up mirror$33.00FOR Toyota 09-14 highlander reversing mirror assembly and rear view mirror assembly 87910-0e050
132N914026008102 Combination bolt$0.15CNC Machined Brass male and female screw combination, Copper Male and Female bolt be customized in China
133A3819770751 Hinge sheet$0.41HL-95 180 Degree Concealed 3D Hinge Heavy Duty Hinges Door Hardware
134N000799008002 Stop shim$0.01Din 127 din137 din2093 25mm stainless steel ss316 shim Split Spring Washer
135A3819930301 Pressure spring$0.01Spring manufacturer custom square wire heavy duty pressure brake spring for car
136A3819770210Support$66.93Mobile phone tablet pad shelf desktop bracket multifunctional storage kitchen iron art lazy support frame
137N007985008158Bolt$0.015/16-18 12 Point Flange Head Titanium wheel rim Bolt
138N000125008417 Shim$0.01Reasonable prices durable 304 stainless steel m3 m14 thin washer shims
139N912004008100 Elastic washer$0.01Carbon steel blackened wave washer, triple wave spring washer Huasi elastic washer M3M4-M16
140N000125010517 Plain washer$0.05DIN125 High Strength Grade 8.8 Carbon Steel Plain Gasket Black Flat Washer with Large Stock
141A3819770118 Hinge pin$0.01original/genuine Washing Machine Hinge Plastic Front Load Washer Shock Absorber Pin 4774EN3002 for LG
142N000094003222 Split pin$0.01INGKS Stainless Steel DIN1481 Slotted Cylindrical Split Hollow Coiled Spring Pin
143A3819770229 Spring$0.50bending spring OD20MM supply customized Spring rod mechanical spring
144N000319025800 Ball head$8.30Cameras Arm 1/4″ or 3/8″ Studio Multi-function Crab Claw ST80 Super Ball Head Clamp Mount for Camera Flash Light Tripod Monopod
145N007516006112 Self-tapping screw$0.04Goldensea Factory wholesale Phillips Bulge Head Self-tapping Drywall Screw For Plasterboard
146N007337005004 Rivet$0.01Wholesale Price Carbon Steel Open End Dome Head Blind Rivets Aluminum Pop Rivets
147N007981005209Self-tapping screw$0.04China Metal Self-tapping Thread Screw Manufacturer Custom m1.4 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 Self Tapping Fasteners Screws For Plastic
148A0008603226 Washer pump$0.0524/410 Ribbed Closure Lotion Pump for body wash bottles head
149N007985006196Bolt$0.01Fastener Hex Bolt Full Thread Hexagon Head Screw Bolt Din933 Bolt and Nut Set Manufacturer Stainless Steel OEM ODM Plain OBM DIN
150A1239971081 Sleeve$0.23High Quality OE Design Japan Car Model Accessories Rear Wiper Cover & Arm For TOYOTA 4RUNNER
151A3818690098Seal cushion$0.01Chinese Factory Price Plastic Shims Ptfe Round Gasket Nylon Washer Seal Ring
152A0008693347 Nipple$0.10Factory wholesale price air hose barb nipple Coupling extra long brass hose barb fitting Adapters for rubber hose
153A0008690258 T adapter$0.89Yingyuan Electronics Fullpower logo 12v 2a & 24v 1a Power adapter with TUV CE GS certificates
154A1078690394 Hose$0.20Expandable Garden Pipe Hose Lightweight No-Kink Garden Hose 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings Double Latex Core 3300D Purple Hoses


Commonly Replaced Beiben Cabin Parts

parts are frequently replaced due to wear and tear. These include seats, steering wheels, dashboards, carpets, air conditioning systems, and window regulators. Beiben offers these commonly replaced parts, as well as others, at competitive prices through direct factory sales.

Advantages of Using Beiben Cabin Parts

Beiben cabin parts provide several advantages over other brands. They are made of high-quality materials and designed to exacting standards, ensuring reliability and durability. Furthermore, using Beiben parts can result in higher comfort, safety, and productivity levels for drivers.

Quality Assurance for Beiben Cabin Parts

Beiben implements rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure that their cabin parts meet the highest standards. These measures include comprehensive testing during production and final inspection prior to shipment. Customers can be assured that Beiben parts are of the highest quality.

Our Market



The cabin is an important component of any truck, providing comfort and safety for the driver. Regular maintenance and replacement of cabin parts are essential to ensuring a pleasant driving experience. Beiben cabin parts provide high-quality, reliable, and durable solutions for your truck. With direct factory sales available in 2023, customers can expect competitive pricing, personalized solutions, and high-quality parts. Invest in Beiben cabin parts for your truck today.

Hot Sales Of Beiben Cabin Parts

Packaging Of Beiben Cabin Parts

Normally, we packing Beiben Cabin Parts with wooden cases. If you have special requirements, please mention that in advance.
Three main packing method:

  1. Domestic packing for Chinese market.
  2. Standard export package (from inside to outside): oiled paper, boxes, cartons, (and wooden pallets).
  3. Customized package.

We are a first-class heavy duty vehicles and spare parts supplier in China. 20-year experience and cooperation with over 300 companies make us professional in international trade.

The normal package is Waterproof membrane, plywood box or Carton.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

Internation Express: Below 150kg Fast and convenient such as UPS, DHL,TNT, EMS etc. Air transportation: 150kg-500kg Save the transportation time.

Advantage Of Beiben Cabin Parts

  1. We supply parts to many truck export companies as our competitive edge. Whether it is original Truck Head Parts parts or OEM parts, we have many direct suppliers to choose from. You can get the spare parts at below market price.
  2. “One-stop shopping service”: quote-preparation-shipment. With more than 10 years
    experience, proficient in parts management process
  3. Heavy vehicle parts system, according to chassis
    No. and assembly nameplate to get accurate information, with 95% accuracy rate.
  4. Our owner is very familiar with the working principle and maintenance of trucks.
    Welcome to communicate with us.


  • A: We are a factory that integrates research, development, production and sales.
  • Generally speaking, it takes 7-10 days after we receive your prepayment. The exact delivery time depends on
    the item and quantity of your order.
  • Please provide the exact or approximate quantity, packing details, destination port or special requirements so that we can
    quote you accordingly.
  • We usually quote by email within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you have a very urgent need for a price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we can give priority to your inquiry. Prices are valid for 30 days.
  • Yes, we do. If you need a sample, we can send you a sample for free, you just need to pay the shipping cost when it arrives (
    Freight Collected).
  • Yes, we have 100% testing before delivery
  • We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit;
  • We treat every customer as a friend and sincerely do business and make friends with them.


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