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Prince Mechanical Suspension Left Seat Assembly
Sinotruk Prince Mechanical Suspension Left Seat Assembly
Sinotruk Yellow River Prince Wide Body Lower Sleeper
Sinotruk Yellow River Prince Wide Body Lower Sleeper

Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender

  • Introducing the Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender, a durable and stylish addition to your vehicle.
  •  Left front fender: The left side component designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and protect your vehicle from debris and splashes.
  • Right front wing: The right side component with a similar purpose as the left front fender, providing protection and adding a sleek touch to your vehicle’s appearance.
  •  Hexagonal head bolts: High-quality bolts with a hexagonal head shape, ensuring secure installation of the fender.
  •  Spring washers: These washers are used in conjunction with the hexagonal head bolts to maintain tension and prevent loosening over time.
  •  Large Washer: A durable washer that provides additional support and stability when fastening the fender to the vehicle.
  •  Left wing mounting bracket: This bracket acts as a secure mount for the left front fender, ensuring a proper fit.
  •  Right front wing mounting bracket: Similar to the left wing mounting bracket, this component provides a sturdy base for the right front fender.
Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender
Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender

  • Hexagonal head bolts: A set of bolts with a hexagonal head shape, used to attach the wing mounting brackets securely.
  •  Spring washers: These washers ensure that the bolts remain in place and maintain tension, preventing any unwanted movement.
  •  Large washers: These washers offer added stability and distribute the load evenly when fastening the brackets and fenders.
  •  Hexagonal head bolts: Additional bolts with a hexagonal head shape used for attaching specific sections together.
  • Large washer: Provides extra support for fastening purposes and promotes stability.
  •  Spring washers: Prevents bolts from loosening, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection.
  • Left pedal grille: A unique left-side grille that adds a touch of style while protecting the vehicle’s inner components.
  • Right pedal grille: Similar to the left pedal grille, this component enhances the vehicle’s appearance and safeguards internal parts.
  • I-type hexagonal nuts: These nuts play a crucial role in securely fastening various components together.
  • Spring washers: These washers maintain tension and prevent loosening, ensuring a reliable connection.
  •  Flat Washer: A flat, sturdy washer that provides stability and support during installation.
  •  Left inner liner: This liner protects the vehicle’s inner structure and provides an extra layer of defense against external elements.
  •  Right inner liner plate: Similar to the left inner liner, this plate reinforces the vehicle’s protective measures on the right side.
  •  Hexagon head self-tapping screws–Self-tapping screws GB5285-85-ST6.3*22-C: These screws are specifically designed to create secure and durable connections in various materials.
  • 22. Large washer: Enhances stability and prevents the self-tapping screws from damaging the fender.
  • 23. Reed nut: A specialized nut that creates a strong and reliable connection, particularly when used with self-tapping screws.
  • Invest in the Sinotruk Golden Prince Extended Fender to enjoy a combination of functionality, durability, and style for your vehicle. With carefully designed components, secure fasteners, and meticulous attention to detail, this fender offers the perfect balance between protection and aesthetics.
Golden Prince Extended Fender
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1WG1632236001Left front fender1
2WG1632236002Right front wing1
3Q150B0825Hexagonal head bolts30
4Q40308Spring washers30
5Q40208Large Washer30
6WG1632236003Left wing mounting bracket1
7WG1632236004Right front wing mounting bracket1
8Q150B0825Hexagonal head bolts4
9Q40308Spring washers4
10Q40208Large washers4
11Q150B0616Hexagonal head bolts6
12Q40206Large washer6
13Q40306Spring washers6
14WG1632236005Left pedal grille1
15WG1632236006Right pedal grille1
16Q340B06I-type hexagonal nuts8
17Q40306Spring washers8
18Q40106Flat Washer8
19WG1632236007Left inner liner1
20WG1632236008Right inner liner plate1
21190003844559Hexagon head self-tapping screws–Self-tapping screws GB5285-85-ST6.3*22-C8
22Q40206Large washer8
23Q39763252Reed nut8
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