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Sinotruk Left Rear View Mirror Bracket Assembly
Sinotruk Left Rear View Mirror Bracket Assembly
Sinotruk Battery Box Assembly
Sinotruk Battery Box Assembly
Sinotruk Left Rear View Mirror Bracket Assembly
Sinotruk Left Rear View Mirror Bracket Assembly
Sinotruk Battery Box Assembly
Sinotruk Battery Box Assembly

Sinotruk Radiator Assembly

  • The Sinotruk Radiator Assembly is a crucial component in the cooling system of Sinotruk trucks. It comprises various parts that work together to ensure efficient and effective cooling of the engine.
  • Radiator Assembly: The radiator assembly is responsible for dissipating heat from the coolant by allowing air to flow through the numerous cooling fins.
  • Cushion Plate: The cushion plate provides support and helps to reduce vibration and noise from the engine.
Sinotruk Radiator Assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Radiator Assembly

  • Vibration Damping Block: The vibration damping block further reduces vibrations and minimizes the impact of engine movement on the radiator assembly.

  • Radiator Lower Vibration Dampening Pad Assembly: This assembly consists of cushion plates and rubberized metal cushions that absorb vibrations to protect the radiator assembly.

  • Bushing: The bushing is used to connect and secure different components of the radiator assembly, providing stability and reducing movement.

  • Radiator Right Bracket: The right bracket serves as a support structure for the radiator assembly, ensuring its proper alignment and positioning.

  • Radiator Left Bracket: Similar to the right bracket, the left bracket provides stability and support for the radiator assembly.

  • Lower Left Bracket: The lower left bracket is positioned at the lower part of the radiator assembly, assisting in maintaining its overall stability.

  • Lower Right Bracket: The lower right bracket complements the lower left bracket, offering additional support and stability to the radiator assembly.

  • Rubberized Metal Cushion: This cushion is designed to absorb vibrations and shocks, preserving the integrity and performance of the radiator assembly.

  • Air Shield: The air shield helps to direct the flow of air through the radiator assembly, maximizing the cooling efficiency.

  • Radiator Water Hose: The radiator water hose connects the radiator assembly to other parts of the cooling system, ensuring the circulation of coolant.

  • Radiator Water Pipe Assembly: This assembly includes various pipes that facilitate the transfer of coolant to and from the radiator assembly.

  • Rubber Hose: The rubber hose is responsible for connecting different components of the cooling system, allowing the passage of coolant.

  • Radiator Water Inlet Hose: The radiator water inlet hose transports the coolant from the engine to the radiator assembly for cooling.

  • Intercooler Assembly: The intercooler assembly is responsible for cooling the compressed air entering the engine to optimize its performance.

  • Engine Intake Steel Pipe: This pipe connects the intercooler assembly to the engine, allowing the cooled air to enter the combustion chambers.

  • Hose Joint: The hose joint is used to connect and secure hoses in the cooling system, preventing coolant leakage.

  • Intercooler Hose: The intercooler hose transfers the cooled compressed air between the intercooler assembly and the engine.

  • Expansion Tank Assembly: The expansion tank assembly regulates the coolant level in the cooling system, allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Engine Ventilation Hose: The engine ventilation hose enables the release of gases and pressure from the engine, maintaining optimal performance.

  • Radiator Ventilation Hose: This hose facilitates the flow of air through the radiator assembly, aiding in cooling.

  • Expansion Tank Return Pipe: The expansion tank return pipe is responsible for returning excess coolant back to the expansion tank.

  • Hose: Hoses are essential components that connect various parts of the cooling system, allowing for the transfer of coolant.

  • The Sinotruk Radiator Assembly, with its comprehensive range of components, ensures efficient cooling and proper function of the truck’s engine, ultimately enhancing the vehicle’s performance and longevity. Choose Sinotruk for reliable and high-quality radiator assemblies for your truck cooling needs.

PartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1FG9816533046Radiator Assembly1
2WG9120530503Cushion plate2
3AZ9120530502Vibration damping block2
4WG9725538203Radiator lower vibration dampening pad assembly2
5WG9725538201Cushion plate2
7WG9120530501Radiator right bracket1
8WG9120530504Radiator left bracket1
9WG9120530506Lower left bracket1
10WG9120530505Lower right bracket1
11WG84D 410007Rubberized metal cushion2
12WG9120531001Air shield1
13WG9125530932Radiator water hose1
14WG9125530904Radiator water pipe assembly1
15WG1000060241Rubber Hose1
16WG9120530512Radiator Water Inlet Hose1
17FG9816533047Intercooler assembly1
18WG9120530510Engine intake steel pipe1
19WG9112530188Hose Joint2
20WG9120530516Intercooler Hose1
21WG9412531321Expansion tank assembly1
22WG9412531251Engine Ventilation Hose1
23WG9412531252Radiator Ventilation Hose1
24WG9412531253Expansion tank return pipe1
26FG1635841650Warm air hose I1
27FG1635841650Warm air hose II2
29WG9125531106Insect screen assembly1
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