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Sinotruk Crossmember Plate Support
Sinotruk Crossmember Plate Support
Golden Prince Medium Length Rear Wing
Sinotruk Golden Prince Medium Length Rear Wing

Sinotruk Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type)

  • The Sinotruk Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type) is a crucial component of commercial vehicles that plays a significant role in ensuring smooth and efficient transmission operation. This assembly consists of several essential parts, each serving a specific purpose.
  • Combination glue bolt Q1421030: This bolt is used to secure the transmission front housing assembly in place, providing a robust and stable connection.
  • Countershaft end cover: The countershaft end cover functions as a protective barrier, preventing any contamination or damage to the internal components of the transmission system.
  •  Subshaft end cover paper gasket: This paper gasket is installed between the subshaft end cover and the transmission front housing assembly, ensuring a tight and leak-proof seal.
Sinotruk Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type)
Sinotruk Transmission Casing Assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type)

  •  Spring washer: The spring washer helps to maintain tension and prevent loosening of the fasteners, ensuring the stability of the assembly over time.
  •  Type 1 hexagonal nut-fine tooth: This hexagonal nut is specifically designed with fine teeth to provide a secure and durable fastening solution for the assembly.
  • Transmission front housing assembly: The transmission front housing assembly is the main component of this assembly, housing various internal transmission parts and ensuring their proper alignment and functionality.
  •  Front Housing: The front housing is a critical structural component that supports and protects the internal components of the transmission, providing stability and durability.
  •  Simmerring oil seal PS 30 45 8: This oil seal is responsible for preventing oil leakage, ensuring proper lubrication and extending the lifespan of the transmission system.
  •  Composite bushing (DX): This composite bushing is used to reduce friction and provide smooth movement between different parts of the assembly, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.
  •  Transmission front housing liner: The front housing liner is inserted into the transmission front housing assembly to provide additional protection against wear and tear, increasing the longevity of the assembly.
  • In conclusion, the Sinotruk Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type) consists of various components that work together to ensure optimal transmission performance. With features such as the combination glue bolt, end covers, gaskets, hexagonal nuts, and oil seals, this assembly offers a secure and durable solution for commercial vehicle transmissions. The inclusion of a front housing, composite bushing, and housing liner further enhances stability, efficiency, and longevity.
Transmission Front Housing Assembly (Pull Type)
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9003801030Combination glue bolt Q14210304
3AZ2222000001Countershaft end cover1
4WG2229000187Subshaft end cover paper gasket1
5Q40310Spring washer25
6Q341B10Type 1 hexagonal nut-fine tooth25
7AZ2203000001Transmission front housing assembly1
7.1AZ2220000201Front Housing1
7.2AZ9003073001Simmerring oil seal PS 30 45 81
7.3AZ2229003030Composite bushing (DX)1
8AZ2229000001Transmission front housing liner1
Transmission Casing Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2220010005Transmission center housing1
2AZ2229010019Screw Plugs2
3AZ2229010001Positioning pin4
4AZ2203010017Oil drain plug assembly1
5Q1231035Plunger Bolt25
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