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Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device
Sinotruk Door Glass Guide
Sinotruk Door Glass Guide
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device
Sinotruk Door Glass Guide
Sinotruk Door Glass Guide

Sinotruk Door accessories

  • Sinotruk Door Accessories are specially designed components to enhance the functionality and appearance of your doors. These accessories are crucial for ensuring smooth operation and maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s doors.
  • Door upper accessories assembly drawing/85626458020 – This detailed assembly drawing provides comprehensive instructions for installing the door upper accessories.
  • Door glass guide/85626402001 – The door glass guide ensures proper alignment and smooth movement of the door glass.
Sinotruk Door accessories

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Door accessories

  • Cross recessed countersunk head screws – These screws secure various components of the door together.
  • Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws – These self-tapping screws simplify the installation process.
  • Left door glass assembly – This assembly consists of a high-quality glass panel designed for the left side of the vehicle.
  • Right door glass assembly (symmetrical with the left part) – The right door glass assembly is a mirror image of the left assembly, ensuring uniformity.
  • Right glass lifter assembly (symmetrical with the left part)/85626458012 – This assembly operates the lifting mechanism for the right side door glass, mirroring the functionality of the left side.
  • Right glass lifter assembly (symmetrical with the left part) – Similar to the previous item, this assembly ensures smooth operation for the right side door glass.
  • Left glass lifter assembly drawing/85626458011 see 8010 – This drawing offers comprehensive guidance for installing the left glass lifter assembly.
  • Left glass lifter assembly – A crucial component for the left side door, the glass lifter assembly enables smooth movement of the glass.
  • Cross recessed large semi-round head self-tapping screws – These screws provide secure fastening for larger components of the door.
  • Large washer – The large washer acts as a buffer and distributes the load evenly when installing specific parts.
  • Spring washer – The spring washer ensures a tight fit and prevents loosening of the components.
  • Glass inner guide channel/85626510009 – This guide channel ensures alignment and stability of the glass within the door frame.
  • Left door frame inner shield/85626450005 – The left door frame inner shield offers additional protection and support.
  • Cross recessed pan head tapping screws – These screws are specifically designed for tapping into various parts of the door frame.
  • Plastic clips – The plastic clips securely hold certain components together, ensuring stability.
  • Spring nut – The spring nut provides a secure and adjustable fastening solution for the door’s inner components.
  • Right door frame inner guard (symmetrical with the left part)/85626450006 – This guard protects and strengthens the right door frame, just like its counterpart on the left side.
  • Reed nut – The reed nut offers a reliable and secure fastening option for specific components within the door assembly.
  • Left lining plate/85626300017 – The left lining plate ensures a clean finish and protects the door’s interior.
  • Right liner (symmetrical with the left part)/85626300018 see 0017 – The right liner is the mirror image of the left liner, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the door.
  • Right flow guide (symmetrical with the left part)/85626300014 – This flow guide ensures smooth and effortless movement of the door, matching the left side.
  • Left flow guide/85626300013 – The left flow guide coordinates with the right flow guide and ensures seamless operation when opening and closing the door.
  • Investing in Sinotruk Door Accessories guarantees superior quality and longevity. With their precise engineering and meticulous design, these accessories help optimize the performance and durability of your vehicle’s doors. Choose Sinotruk Door Accessories to enhance your driving experience today.
  • For further details and installation instructions, refer to the provided part numbers/drawings.
Door accessories
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1AZ1608330058Door upper accessories assembly drawing/856264580201
2AZ1608330024Door glass guide/856264020012
3Q2540512Cross recessed countersunk head screws4
4Q2714816Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws20
5WG1632330030Left door glass assembly1
6WG1608331002Right door glass assembly (symmetrical with the left part)1
7AZ1608330061Right glass lifter assembly (symmetrical with the left part)/856264580121
8WG1608331001Right glass lifter assembly (symmetrical with the left part)1
9AZ1608330061Left glass lifter assembly drawing/85626458011 see 80101
10WG1608330001Left glass lifter assembly1
11Q2730612Cross recessed large semi-round head self-tapping screws8
12Q40206Large washer8
13Q40306Spring washer8
14WG1608330029Glass inner guide channel/856265100092
15AZ1608330003Left door frame inner shield/856264500051
16Q2714816Cross recessed pan head tapping screws12
17WG1608330036Plastic clips26
18WG1632110004Spring nut28
19AZ1608330004Right door frame inner guard (symmetrical with left part)/856264500061
20Q39742201Reed nut12
21AZ1608330005Left lining plate/856263000171
22AZ1608330006Right liner (symmetrical with the left part)/85626300018 see 00171
23AZ1608330020Right flow guide (symmetrical with left part)/856263000141
24AZ1608330019Left flow guide/856263000131
25Q2714816Cross recessed pan head tapping screws10
26AZ1608330059Left door liner assembly drawing/816263080331
27FG1692330005Left door trim panel body1
28FG1692330018Right door trim panel body1
29AZ1608330016Plastic clips/8162640007530
30Q40006Small washer2
31Q2714816Cross recessed pan head tapping screws2
32Q2714825Cross recessed pan head tapping screws10
33AZ1608330031Cover plate/816144600244
34WG1608330017Inner sealing strip2
35FG1692330035Left door handle outer cover1
36FG1692331109Left door handle inner handle1
38Q2714808Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws2
39FG1692330036Right door handle outer cover1
40FG1692331110Right door handle inner handle1
41Q2714816Cross recessed pan head tapping screws8
42Q150B0650Hexagon head bolts4
43Q341B08I-type hexagon nuts-fine teeth8
44WG1608330040Right glass seal1
45WG1608330041Left glass seal1
46AZ1608210090Door restrictor assembly drawing/85.62670-80061
47WG1631210005Left door restrictor assembly1
48WG1631210006Right door restrictor assembly1
49WG1631210009Restrictor screw2
50Q40108Flat washer4
51Q218B0816Hexagon socket cheese head screws4
52Q40208Large Washer2
53Q41812Corrugated elastic washer2
54WG1632336050Left door lower trim panel1
55WG1632336055Left door lower trim panel inner sheet metal1
56WG1632110004Card spring nut3
57WG1608330036Plastic clips9
58FG1692119009Mask shock absorbing rubber strip98
59WG1632336051Right door lower trim panel1
60WG1632336056Right door lower trim panel inner sheet metal1
61WG1632110004Spring nuts3
62WG1608330036Plastic clips11
63FG1692119009Mask shock absorber strip98
64FG1692330011Left door duct assembly1
65FG1692330024Right door air duct assembly1
66Q2734816Cross recessed large half round head self-tapping screws6
67FG1692330037Left door lock inner handle assembly1
68FG1692330038Right door lock inner handle assembly1
69Q2734816Cross recessed large semi-round head tapping screws2
70FG1692330015Plug cover 110
71FG1692330116Plug cover 2 left1
72FG1692330117Plug cover 3 left1
73FG1692330016Plug cover 2 right1
74FG1692330017Plug cap 3 right1
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