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Sinotruk Braking Device Cab
Sinotruk Braking Device Cab
Sinotruk Door accessories
Sinotruk Door accessories

Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device

  • The Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device is a crucial component in the braking system of Sinotruk vehicles. It consists of several parts that work together to ensure efficient and reliable braking performance. Some of the key components include:
  • Air dryer (1.0MPa): This component removes moisture and contaminants from the compressed air used in the braking system, maintaining its functionality and preventing corrosion.
  • Exhaust elbow: The exhaust elbow allows for the safe expulsion of air and exhaust gases from the braking system.
  • Formed Hose: These hoses are specifically designed to withstand high-pressure conditions and connect various components of the braking system.
  • Hose Clamps: These clamps secure the formed hoses in place, preventing leaks and ensuring the integrity of the braking system.
  • Air dryer bracket: This bracket holds the air dryer securely in place, ensuring stability and proper functioning.
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device

  • Hexagon head bolts (fine teeth): These bolts are used to fasten different components of the braking device together with great precision.

  • Spring washers: The spring washers provide tension and prevent loosening of the bolted connections, enhancing overall stability.

  • Hexagonal flange face bolts M10: These bolts are used for specific applications where a secure and precise fastening is required.

  • Hexagonal flange face nut M10: These nuts are used in conjunction with the M10 flange face bolts, providing a tight and reliable connection.

  • Four-circuit protection valve bracket: This bracket holds the four-circuit protection valve in place, ensuring proper alignment and functionality.

  • Hexagonal flange face bolts M8: Similar to the M10 bolts, these M8 bolts are used for specific applications requiring a secure and precise connection.

  • Four-loop protection valve: The four-loop protection valve ensures that the braking force is distributed evenly among all four wheels of the vehicle, enhancing stability and control.

  • Gas tank assembly-Quick plug type/Φ206/5L: This gas tank assembly is designed with quick plug connections for easy installation and maintenance. It has a capacity of 5 liters and is crucial for storing and supplying compressed air to the braking system.

  • Hexagonal flange face bolt M8: The M8 bolt secures the gas tank assembly firmly in place, ensuring a leak-free connection.

  • Drain valve: The drain valve allows for the controlled release of water and contaminants that may collect in the braking system, maintaining its efficiency.

  • Resilient element NG8: This component provides the necessary flexibility and shock absorption to the braking system, improving its overall performance.

  • Snap spring NG8: The snap spring assists in the smooth operation and release of pressure within the braking system.

  • Nut seat NG8: The nut seat securely holds the NG8 resilient element and snap spring in place, maintaining their position and functionality.

  • Resilient element NG12: Similar to the NG8 element, the NG12 resilient element provides flexibility and shock absorption for larger braking systems.

  • Snap spring NG12: The NG12 snap spring ensures smooth operation and pressure release in larger braking systems.

  • Nut holder NG12: The nut holder securely holds the NG12 resilient element and snap spring in place, preventing dislodging and maintaining their effectiveness.

  • Plug NG12-M22X1.5: This plug is used to seal the NG12 component and prevent air or fluid leakage.

  • Hexagonal thin nuts M22X1.5: The M22X1.5 nuts are used in conjunction with the plug to create a secure and leak-free connection.

  • Support washer M22X1.5: The support washer provides additional support and stability to the M22X1.5 nut, ensuring a durable and secure connection.

  • The Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device incorporates these components to create a reliable, efficient, and safe braking system for Sinotruk vehicles. With its robust design and high-quality materials, it ensures optimal braking performance and enhances overall vehicle safety.
Chassis braking device(Chassis Braking Device)
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1WG9000360548Air dryer (1.0MPa)1
WG9725360955Exhaust elbow1
WG9725360956Formed Hose1
190003989340Hose Clamps1
2WG9618360002Air dryer bracket1
Q151C1230Hexagon head bolts (fine teeth)3
Q40312Spring washers3
ZQ1841030Hexagonal flange face bolts M103
ZQ32010Hexagonal flange face nut M103
3WG9125360216Four-circuit protection valve bracket1
ZQ1840816Hexagonal flange face bolts M82
4WG9000360523Four-loop protection valve1
5FG9804360139Gas tank assembly-Quick plug type/Φ206/5L1
ZQ1840820Hexagonal flange face bolt M83
WG9000361402Drain valve4
WG9000361004Resilient element NG81
WG9000361005Snap spring NG81
WG9000361006Nut seat NG81
WG9000361007Resilient element NG1216
WG9000361008Snap spring NG1216
WG9000361009Nut holder NG1216
WG9000361012Plug NG12-M22X1.53
WG9000361015Hexagonal thin nuts M22X1.51
 WG9000361016Support washer M22X1.51
WG9000361017O-ring 20.3X2.41
WG9000361401Pressure test fitting assembly1
WG9000361108Straight through next door fitting body NG6/M16×1.52
WG9000361013Hexagonal thin nut M16X1.52
WG9000361032O-ring 13X22
6FG9804360141Air reservoir assembly Φ275/40L2
FG9804360044Fastening band/Φ2804
WG09  190017Tension pin4
WG700 550013Tension pin4
Q218B0880Hexagon socket cheese head screw4
7WG9100360104Cylinder bracket assembly1
ZQ1840825Hexagonal flange face bolt M84
ZQ32008Hexagonal flange face nut M84
Fastening band assembly2
WG09  190017Tension pin2
WG700 550013Tension pin2
Q218B0880Hexagon socket cheese head screws2
8WG9000360700Storage cylinder assembly Φ246/20L1
9190003559967Tee joint body2
 WG1000060211Rubber hose(Φ15/Φ21)2
 WG9100360134Spacer ring15
 WG9100360135Spacer ring15
 WG9003171390Plastic fastening band B5*18030
 WG9003171393Plastic fastening tape B8*20030
 190003179045Threading sheath150
 190003179046Threading sheath150
 190003179046Threading sheath150
Spiral sheathing5
 ZQ1841030Hexagonal flange face bolt M102
 ZQ1841035Hexagonal flange face bolt M102
 ZQ1840616Hexagonal flange face bolt M64
 ZQ32006Hexagonal flange face nut M64
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