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FAW J7 Parts Price
FAW J7 Parts Price
Sinotruk Front Suspension Damper Left Upper Bracket
Sinotruk Front Suspension Damper Left Upper Bracket

Sinotruk Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly

  • The Sinotruk Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly is a crucial component in the hydraulic lift system of Sinotruk trucks. It is composed of several parts including hexagon head bolts, Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts, flat washers, self-locking nuts, large washers, hydraulic manual oil pump, small washers, spring washers, lifting cylinder, cab support assembly, and support rod assembly.
Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly
Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly

  • To fasten the bracket assembly securely, hexagon head bolts and Type 1 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts are used. Steel bushing I is included in the assembly to provide additional support. Type I hexagon nuts with fine teeth are used to secure the bushing as well as the bracket assembly. Large washers and spring washers are also included to ensure proper fastening and stability.
  • The lifting cylinder is an integral part of the assembly and is responsible for the lifting function of the hydraulic system. The cab support assembly is also included to facilitate smooth operation of the lift system. Hexagon head bolts are used to secure the support assembly, while Type 1 hexagon nuts and flat washers are included to prevent unwarranted looseness.
  • Finally, the assembly is connected to the hydraulic system via a single bend hose (700) and a single bend lift hydraulic oil hose (1100). The Sinotruk Lifting Cylinder Lower Bracket Assembly is designed to provide reliable and efficient lifting performance, while ensuring long-term durability.
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1AZ9125820010Lifting cylinder lower bracket assembly1
2Q150B1045Hexagon head bolts3
3Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts3
4Q40110Flat Washer6
5Q33216Self-locking nuts2
6Q40216Large Washer1
7Q40116Flat Washer2
8WG9719820001Hydraulic manual oil pump1
9Q150B1020Hexagon head bolts2
10Q40010Small washers2
11Q40310Spring washers2
12WG9125820045Lifting cylinder1
13WG9125820008Cab support assembly1
14Q150B1230Hexagon head bolts2
15Q33412Type 1 all-metal hexagonal lock nut2
16WG9123820009Support rod assembly1
17WG9123820010Steel bushing I1
18Q151B1490Hexagon head bolts1
19Q341B14Type I hexagon nuts─fine teeth1
20Q40214Large Washer2
21Q40314Spring washers1
22Q340B05Type 1 hexagon nuts2
23Q40105Flat washer2
24WG9125820015Single bend hose(700)1
25FG1694821110Single bend lift hydraulic oil hose (1100)1
26WG9125820019Double bend hose (1300)1
27FG1694821320Double bend lift hydraulic oil hose (1900)1
28WG9125820049Double bend hose (5100)1
29WG9123820098Instruction plate1
30Q150B0620Hexagonal head bolts1
31Q40206Large washer1
32Q340B06I type hexagonal nut1
33Q68210One end fixed single hose clamp piece2
34AZ9125820002Pull strap bracket1
35WG9125820040Plastic bushing I1
36WG9125820041Plastic bushing II1
37WG9125820042Pull strap assembly1
38Q40014Small spacer3
39Q40020Small Washer1
40Q5004028cotter pin1
41Q40114Flat Washer1
42Q41814Corrugated elastic washers1
43Q151B14120Hexagon head bolts (M14X1.5)1
44Q341B14I-type hexagon nuts─fine teeth1
45Q40314Spring washers1
46Q40214Large washers2
47Q150B1040Hexagon head bolts2
48Q340B10Hexagon nuts3
49Q40310Spring washers3
50Q40110Flat washers3
51FG1694821310Single bend lift hydraulic oil hose (500)1
52WG9125820020Double bend hose (900)1
53WG1642440070Tee joint body2
54190003 559561Ferrule2
5519000 3559516Nuts for pipe joints2
56Q150B1055Hexagonal head bolts1
57Q68618F4Single pipe clamp piece1
58Q150B1025Hexagon head bolts1
59Q40310Spring washers1
60Q40310Spring washers1
61Q340B10Hexagonal nut1
62AZ9123820013Hanger hook assembly/810620100181
63FG1694820001Tee joint body1
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