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Manipulation Device
Sinotruk Howo Manipulation Device
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Sinotruk Howo Upper Cap
Manipulation Device
Sinotruk Howo Manipulation Device
Upper Cap
Sinotruk Howo Upper Cap

Sinotruk Howo Inner Gears

  • Sinotruk Howo Inner Gears is a crucial component in the transmission system of Sinotruk Howo vehicles. It consists of various essential parts that work together to ensure smooth and efficient gear shifting.
  • Stop ring: The stop ring is responsible for securing the gears in place, preventing them from moving axially.
  • Sliding bush: The sliding bush acts as a bearing surface for the gears, allowing them to rotate smoothly.
  • 2nd shaft hexagonal keys: The hexagonal keys on the 2nd shaft provide a secure grip between the gears and the shaft, ensuring efficient power transfer.
  • 2nd shaft gear spline pad: The gear spline pad provides additional support and stability to the gear, preventing any unnecessary movement or vibration.
  • 2nd shaft gear septum: The gear septum is a partition that separates the different gears on the 2nd shaft, preventing them from engaging simultaneously.
  • 2nd shaft reverse gear gasket: The reverse gear gasket ensures a proper seal between the reverse gear and the shaft, preventing any leaks or loss of lubrication.

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Howo Inner Gears

  • 1st & 2nd gear synchronizer: The synchronizer allows smooth engagement and disengagement of the 1st and 2nd gears, reducing gear grinding and improving overall gear shifting performance.
  • 2nd shaft: The 2nd shaft transmits power from the engine to the gearbox, enabling the vehicle to change gears and control the speed.
  • 2nd shaft reverse gear: The reverse gear on the 2nd shaft allows the vehicle to move backward, providing flexibility and maneuverability.
  • 2nd shaft 1st gear: The 1st gear on the 2nd shaft provides maximum torque, allowing the vehicle to start from a stationary position or climb steep slopes.
  • 2nd shaft second gear: The second gear on the 2nd shaft provides a balance between speed and torque, suitable for regular driving conditions.
  • 2nd shaft third gear: The third gear on the 2nd shaft allows for higher speeds while maintaining a good balance between fuel efficiency and performance.
  • 2nd shaft four gears: The four gears on the 2nd shaft provide a wider range of speed options, allowing the vehicle to adapt to various road conditions.
  • 2nd shaft fifth gear: The fifth gear on the 2nd shaft provides the highest speed and fuel efficiency, ideal for highway driving.
  • 1st shaft gear: The 1st shaft gear pairs with the 2nd shaft gears, allowing the transmission of power to the wheels.
  • 3rd & 4th gear synchronizer: Similar to the 1st & 2nd gear synchronizer, the 3rd & 4th gear synchronizer ensures smooth gear shifting between these gears.
  • Elastic cylindrical pins: The elastic cylindrical pins act as connectors between different components, providing flexibility and absorbing shocks during gear engagement.
  • In summary, Sinotruk Howo Inner Gears consist of a comprehensive range of components that work together to ensure efficient power transmission and smooth gear shifting in Sinotruk Howo vehicles. These components are designed for durability and performance, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.
12JS160T-1701100 2nd SHAFT ASSEMBLY
Serial P/N Name Qty in a Gearbox
1 16763 Stop ring 6
2 12JS160T-1701108 Sliding bush 1
3 12JS160T-1701121 2nd shaft hexagonal keys 1
4 12JS160T-1701122 2nd shaft gear spline pad 5
5 12JS160T-1701123 2nd shaft gear septum 3
6 12JS160T-1701125 2nd shaft reverse gear gasket 1
7 12JS160T-1701170 1st & 2nd gear synchronizer 1
8 12JS160T-1701105 2nd shaft 1
9 12JS160T-1701110 2nd shaft reverse gear 1
10 12JS160T-1701111 2nd shaft 1st gear 1
11 12JS160T-1701112 2nd shaft second gear 1
12 12JS160T-1701113 2nd shaft third gear 1
13 12JS160T-1701114 2nd shaft four gears 1
14 12JS160T-1701115 2nd shaft fifth gear 1
15 12JS160T-1701116 1st shaft gear 1
16 JS130T-1701180 3rd & 4th gear synchronizer 2
17 Q5280310 Elastic cylindrical pins 1
Serial P/N Name Qty in a Gearbox
1 19198 Intermediate shaft stop ring 1
2 12JS160T-1701057 Spacer bush 1
3 12JS160T-1701048 Intermediate shaft 1
4 12JS160T-1701050 Intermediate shaft third gear 1
5 12JS160T-1701051 Intermediate shaft four gear 1
6 12JS160T-1701052 Intermediate shaft five gear 1
7 12JS160T-1701056 Intermediate shaft drive gear 1
8 16JS200T-1701055 Intermediate shaft square key 1
9 Q5280514 Elastic cylindrical pins 1
10 X-6-E Semicircle key 1
Serial P/N Name Qty in a Gearbox
1 19668 Intermediate shaft bearing plate 1
2 Q5280514 Elastic cylindrical pins 1
Serial P/N Name Qty in a Gearbox
1 12JS160T-1701084 Cup-shaped reverse washer 1
2 12JS160T-1701083 Reverse gear middle gear 1
3 DS100-1701085 Needle roller bearings 1
4 JS220-1701082 Reverse gear middle shaft 1
5 Q2821212 Slotted flat end screw 1
12JS160T-1707025    2nd SHAFT BEARING ASSEMBLY
Serial P/N Name Qty in a Gearbox
1 50118 Ball bearing 1
2 12JS160T-1701124 Bearing bearing 1
3 C01019 Stop ring 1
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